Days 723-722: Wrecked

I try not to make a habit of not writing post about every single day. I did it for the previous days of that week and had to do it for the weekend as well because Saturday and Sunday were too similar. And I’m pressed so hard for time. I’m stuck and need to get back on track quickly. I’m actually writing this post on May 5, which means that I am still about a week behind. And once this Sunday ends, the time will speed up once again and I could get even more stuck. So do forgive me, I’m trying hard!

After a week of hard IT trainings, I hoped to have some time during the weekend to catch up. We had no plans. Just being at home. The training had lasted only for 5 days, just the first week to catch up on! What really happened? Saturday. Period, day one. Horrible pain in my stomach and lower back. I had a hard run planned. 3-minute sprints, repeat 10 times. I gave up after the 2nd sprint. The pain was intolerable. As the first day usually is that bad, I decided to try again the next day. We had a nice afternoon: bought some fresh strawberries, ate local kebab, visited a shop we hadn’t even noticed for the first 2 years we’ve lived here… Then I did some accounting for our company and hoped for a nice Sunday. The night between the 2 days was awful. So much pain. It’s hard being a woman! It wasn’t much better in the morning. At one point I lay down again. Around noon, I had developed an awful headache. I hoped that breathing some fresh air would make things better. Nope. These 50 minutes on the bike (I didn’t even dare to dream about running) were horrible. We went to the supermarket afterwards to buy some food. I almost collapsed. Seriously. I don’t know where this came from. All the stress of not keeping up at the IT training? Of not understanding? Anyway, for the rest of the day I tried to sleep the headache off. When I was awake, I was in the toilet throwing up. I hadn’t eaten much, nothing came out but I still threw up. Haven’t felt so bad for years. I thought I was going to die. Luckily for me, such hell usually lasts only for 1 day. Monday morning was a bit better, I was a functioning human being again. But the weekend was wasted!! No proper runs, no hardcore learning. I was so angry with the world…

Progress Report

Let’s just write big zeros for all goals. No success in any way.

Photo Time!

Mjauki and the pole

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