Day 731: Living Like a Local

April 19, Good Friday. Not really a religious holiday in Estonia but nevertheless a day off work. I tried to blend in, live like a local. Although we’ve lived here already more than 2 years, we are still not quite there yet. So, I tried to fix this by attending a local flea market. Well, not exactly local because I had to drive more than 10 km to an even smaller place than our hometown. Alavere. In the global sense, it’s tiny. There’s not even a local grocery store. When I first arrived, I couldn’t even detect where the hell the local culture centre was. I tried my luck at the first open door and found myself inside a derelict building, full of junk. Oh, well. When I turned the corner, however, I did see some people enjoying the spring sunshine, their stuff laid out on benches. They were selling the things they no longer needed. I hoped to do the same. A flea market. But it was a market with sellers and almost no buyers. I didn’t sell any of my clothes and I had hoped to get rid of that lot. I did sell an odd board game that I’d once bought second hand myself (Estonian songs, whatever) and a handful of books. Better than nothing? Maybe. Due to the lack of people, it was kind of boring. I was glad that I didn’t come on time. And I left earlier as well. Full 3 hours just standing there with your stuff? No thanks. I looked at the things I longer needed and really wanted to be free of them. Donate? Maybe when we finally move, I shall donate them. Meanwhile, I could try selling them. Just one more time.

Progress Report

1. Own and Live in a House.

I can’t really say that selling a few books and a board game really contributed to our house fund. At least I tried!

2. Write AND Publish a Book.

I used up all my creative power to bake two wonderful cakes because yet another weekend full of visits lay ahead.

3. Win a Major Race.

A warm-up run for next day’s race. Fine enough.

Photo of the Day

Mmmm, cake…

One comment

  1. […] My first attempt at selling my stuff at a flea market was quite a fail as you might remember. The first one was a really small local event. I contributed my fail mostly to the size of it and decided to give flea markets one more try. Participating in one of the major ones around Tallinn, such as the Telliskivi flea market, seemed like a great idea. So, I signed up almost a bit too late, ending up with the penultimate free spot. Almost missed it! It seemed as if the event was popular. Everyone wanted to sell there. That would create just the right atmosphere, I thought. Yes! The weather was perfect, a sunny Saturday. Just a small breeze (that eventually became a bit freezing in the shade). Perfect to get out of the house and go to a flea market. Why not? […]


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