Day 731: Living Like a Local

April 19, Good Friday. Not really a religious holiday in Estonia but nevertheless a day off work. I tried to blend in, live like a local. Although we’ve lived here already more than 2 years, we are still not quite there yet. So, I tried to fix this by attending a local flea market. Well, not exactly local because I had to drive more than 10 km to an even smaller place than our hometown. Alavere. In the global sense, it’s tiny. There’s not even a local grocery store. When I first arrived, I couldn’t even detect where the hell the local culture centre was. I tried my luck at the first open door and found myself inside a derelict building, full of junk. Oh, well. When I turned the corner, however, I did see some people enjoying the spring sunshine, their stuff laid out on benches. They were selling the things they no longer needed. I hoped to do the same. A flea market. But it was a market with sellers and almost no buyers. I didn’t sell any of my clothes and I had hoped to get rid of that lot. I did sell an odd board game that I’d once bought second hand myself (Estonian songs, whatever) and a handful of books. Better than nothing? Maybe. Due to the lack of people, it was kind of boring. I was glad that I didn’t come on time. And I left earlier as well. Full 3 hours just standing there with your stuff? No thanks. I looked at the things I longer needed and really wanted to be free of them. Donate? Maybe when we finally move, I shall donate them. Meanwhile, I could try selling them. Just one more time.

Progress Report

1. Own and Live in a House.

I can’t really say that selling a few books and a board game really contributed to our house fund. At least I tried!

2. Write AND Publish a Book.

I used up all my creative power to bake two wonderful cakes because yet another weekend full of visits lay ahead.

3. Win a Major Race.

A warm-up run for next day’s race. Fine enough.

Photo of the Day

Mmmm, cake…

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