Day 732: Office Nights

As you could read from the previous post, I went for a run around 8.30 pm. My start and finish line were at my office, which also meant that I stayed the night. I didn’t feel like going home after 9.30 pm. Also, I missed the train. The car was parked in front of the office but there’s hardly no point in driving it home as I would have had to bring it back the next day. The fuel prices have really gone up. And I do have a monthly train pass. Anyway, I stayed.

The sleep quality is not the best when I sleep on the sofa (it is a sofa bed actually) or on the massage table. I did prefer the latter for most of the night because it is more behind the corner, while the sofa is just next to the door. As I was alone, it was fine, really. When I stay at work, I usually dream of waking up early, ready to start the day with a bang. I am already there, no need to travel! So much things could be done! Right? Due to the poor sleep quality, I’m mostly quite drowsy in the mornings when I wake up there. Took me quite a while to get myself going. Finally, ended up walking to the supermarket to get some cream for my coffee. I truly woke up only after my run.

Do you stay at work overnight? How does it feel?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Once I actually woke up, I spent quite a lot of time with our accounting documents. Productive! Oh, and we filmed some videos for my husband’s physiotherapy Instagram account. In English.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Can’t even remember what I read in the morning. Or in the evening. But I did read! No writing though (please start punishing me for not doing it!!). Oh… actually, I did write one of my blogs. The investing stuff in Estonian.

3. Win a major race.

A nice run with my husband. On the trails where we hadn’t been for a while but which used to be our main trails.

Photo of the Day

Video making in progress

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