Day 734: The More I Do, The More I Do

An interesting paradox: the more I do, the more I do. If I only engage myself in one activity, then I might take the entire day just to get started with it. I procrastinate. I linger at my computer. I do everything else, all the unnecessary stuff. I am a freelancer and an entrepreneur. I do have the freedom to plan my own time. However, it seems that it might not be good for my productivity. That’s why I’m ending it. That’s why I’m about to start an IT course and then get a job as a developer. Yes. I need some pressure. I need more deadlines. The ones that I create myself don’t really work. I overstep them. Way too often.

I need action in my life. Only then can I be really creative. I can’t afford being inactive, it makes me so tired. The more things I do, the more energy I have. It’s the same with running: if I go for a jog when I’m tired, I always feel better afterwards. My body was built for movement. My mind too. This day was a great example of doing more and feeling fulfilled while doing so. It started off quietly at home where I did some work at the computer. Then, an easy run. Then some important accounting stuff for our company. Then my eyebrow appointment. Then, finally, to the city. Some work and it was already time to go. Pole dance. Again. After 4-5 years of not doing it. It’s a beginners’ course but still challenging it. Moreover, my body is strong, I can do it. Not all the girls could. Then… half an hour at a café with my computer. Oh and then? Home? No. Women’s sewing circle. Not really. But almost. I spent about 2 hours with my burlesque friends. I haven’t been around for years. We made assels. These are like tassels that are used to cover the nipples but only for the… well, ass. If you shake it, they will twirl. Next week, I will also be going to the dance class where I’ll see what the new choreography is all about. Supposed to be a comedy act. I got home after 10pm. Fulfilled, happy, ready for some more. Cleaned the kitchen, read a book and went to bed. Sometimes, when I get home, I only want to lounge on the sofa. Not this time!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Got a bit of work done. Some will earn me money, some is simply important for the bigger picture (tidying up the accounting, for instance).

2. Write AND publish a book.

Still only reading. Finished Takashi Hiraide’s The Guest Cat. Just when I thought that it was a quiet book that was about to end quietly as well, the author managed to come out with a bang. A quiet one, but yet a bang. It did leave me unnerved and curious. What did really happen to the cat?

3. Win a major race.

An easy run in the forest. Splendid weather, sun out and all. Fine. Then, the pole dance class which proved that I’m still quite strong a woman. My muscles will be sore the next day but who cares.

Photo of the Day

Sewing circle products

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