Day 735: Plogging

I am not going to start a lecture on how it’s bad to throw rubbish on the ground. I don’t do that. And everybody knows (or at least is supposed to) this anyway. I sort my waste. We have three bins under the sink + one really small bag for the general waste. Because if you do sort your waste, you don’t really end up with lots of unsorted stuff that goes to the landfill. You will end up with loads of paper (especially if ads are delivered to your mailbox), too much package and lots of food waste (avocado and banana peel, etc.). This is not the point.

Monday. April 15. Another group workout with my running group. But this time we didn’t do a normal warm-up run. Instead, we were given big plastic bags and gloves and we cleaned up the forest where we usually run. Picking up the trash combined with jogging = plogging. Comes from Sweden if you haven’t heard about it. We’ve had the annual Let’s Do It! campaign for years already. I think I participated about… 9 years ago? 10? Now it has spread all over the world. I know plogging is useful and all and we did end up with a bag full of trash but… let’s just say that it’s not proper running. If you are serious about your runs, don’t do plogging on a day when you actually need a real workout. We did it as a warm-up but it was much slower and shorter than the usual warm-up I would need before speedwork. Anyhow, doesn’t matter much because I was supposed to take it easy anyway. But good to keep it in mind.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Had one client and booked appointment for another. Odd. Just when I am kind of ready to abandon the whole massage business, people pop up telling me how good hands I have. What the hell? Let me go already. Also, started the migration progress of our entire accounting. Huh. But it has got a bit messy, so I need to migrate it all. Start all over from the very beginning, which means… 4 years ago.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Kept reading Takashi Hiraide’s The Guest Cat. It continues to be a slow book but I do enjoy each page that has the cat in it. Although… the cat just died. Wonder how it will go on.

3. Win a major race.

First fartlek. Some sprints. Not the best at running uphill but overall fine. Back on track.

Photo of the Day

Random selfie. But taken on the very day.

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