Day 739: Massages Are Different

Everybody thinks that being married to a physiotherapist/massage therapist means that we have massage parties at home. Every single day. No. The reality is quite the opposite. When I returned home from the Milan marathon on Monday, I had a massage gift card in my email inbox. From my husband. For another salon. His schedule is so full that I’m the last person to receive a massage. I would only get his attention if I had an injury. Oh, well, that’s life. So, off I went to a Chinese massage salon to receive not a Chinese massage but a sports massage. I was a bit wary about it.

My experience has shown that not all therapists give good massages. They tend to be too weak for my taste. I’m rather accustomed to a somewhat brutal touch. I want to feel! I still went with high hopes. I left early, ready for the traffic jams of 5pm but still got stuck and was eventually 2 minutes late. The therapist did receive me with a smile and seemed a genuinely nice person. But the massage? She did do something but not enough. I was bored and wanted it to be over. All the way through, she kept worrying that maybe she was hurting me. Hmm, not even close. I do appreciate the fact that she was moving my muscles around a bit, doing something. It did contribute to the metabolism of my muscles and I did feel fine in the end. It was definitely better than nothing. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to post-marathon recovery. But. Was it sufficient? My upper back was still sore when I left. There was something missing. An edge. The cherry on the top. Everybody chooses and uses their own techniques that they like. No massages are the same. Therapists have their own signature moves. I do, at least. Once you have found the one who matches your needs, hold on to them!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Some lazy work-related movements at the computer. Started building our e-store. It’s more confusing than I thought but getting there slowly! This shall be a good practice for my developer course as well.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Spending quality time with Zadie Smith’s NW. Soon, I’ll finish that book. There’s quite a lot to learn from this book, especially about its style.

3. Win a major race.

Phew, my first post-marathon jog. Forgot the heart rate belt somewhere at home but overall it was nice to be back, jogging. Quads still tired and heavy, recovery in progress. But not a disaster!

Photo of the Day

Took out my old precious again but didn’t get far with the assembly.

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