Day 741: Just When I’ve Had Enough

April 9, Tuesday, 2 days after the marathon. It’s not easy to return to work after a marathon, especially if your job is a bit physical like mine. I kind of do all kinds of things, and massage is only one of them. Most of the day, though, I sit behind my computer, doing a little bit of everything from translating to blogging and updating our company’s website. Tuesday, however, started off with a massage. Knowing how my body would be sore and tired, I didn’t really wait for it. Fortunately, it was Thai massage, which is always bit more interesting than the Swedish one. Thai massage means getting down on the mat and changing positions often. Could survive this. As I am soon changing my career path, these could be the last massages. I’ve had enough already anyway. A bit more than 4 years. I don’t really why I studied the art of massage in the first place, it’s not really me. Well, it is. I do enjoy giving massages to beautiful people. To friends. I don’t really enjoy the strangers. Occasionally, I could still do it, but maybe not professionally. Not any longer. Other interests are calling my name.

But what usually happens the very moment when I’ve decided that I’ve had enough? A new person comes to me and enjoys that damn massage, even if it is half-hearted and I’m not using full power. What the hell? That Tuesday, my client was quite overwhelmed and sad that I was going away. She wanted to come back. Ahh, people what DO you want? All the times when I’ve been available, there have not been too many bookings. And now when I’m about to leave, all these people turn up and want me to continue. What about me? What do I want? Yes, I am flattered that people like what I do. I know that I have good hands. Maybe should have told me more often if you really wanted me not to quit massage. Oh, yes, possibly I’m not quitting anyhow. Will be doing something-something.

Life has also shown that if I only have one working day per week, on which people can book appointments, this day shall be full. Maybe even 3 appointments per day. If I have several days, available for booking, these usually don’t fill. i could get only 1 appointment per week. The less time I have, the more people want me. Odd.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Thai massage in the morning + getting back into the work routine.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Reading day. Zadie Smith’s NW. Such a fabulous book, once you get into it! And especially if you want to know more about minorities living in the UK.

3. Win a major race.

Dragged my post-marathon body to the gym. 20 minutes of cardio (no running, of course), some strengthening exercises for the upper body + glutes and calves – possibly the only parts of my body that weren’t sore.

Photo of the Day

April always manages to surprise me. This time, with snow.

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