Day 747: Why I’d Love to Meet Theo Hutchcraft

Hurts has found its way into my heart and mind mainly via music and impressive lyrics. These lyrics keep haunting me. These melodies move me. Both physically and mentally. For some weird reason, Hurts has created many songs that make me want to take off my clothes. There’s a layer of sensuality in them. I used to do a bit of burlesque. Really small-scale and local. But ever since I dipped my toes into this pool, I often listen to songs and think “oh, this could make for a great choreo!” and sometimes I automatically start dancing to it. Obviously, when no one is watching. I haven’t created any acts for Hurts’ music, although I had kind of a good idea for “Ready to Go”, involving a skeleton body suit I got on eBay. However, my mind, much like Theo’s, is always on the lookout for new things and I cannot concentrate for too long. I need new stimulation. All. The. Time. I didn’t stick to it. The only that I’ve stuck to is possibly running. And as running takes up most of the time I could use for creating Hurts choreos, I’m simply not doing it.

Not all music can influence me in such a way. I’m picky when it comes to music. Over the years, it’s mostly been Muse and Hurts. They’re both British bands. I have a strong inclination towards anything British. Why else did I go to university there? Twice. Recently, and especially after the 2017′ concert in Tallinn, I’ve inclined more towards Hurts. I don’t listen to them every day. Or maybe I do. My wake up alarm is “Some Kind of Heaven”, so I listen to at least a few seconds of one song. Sometimes I don’t turn it off, I allow Theo to sing. It really is a great song, sets the tone of the day. The music Hurts makes resonates with me, although I might not be the kind of person they sing about. I didn’t have an alcoholic father like the female protagonist of “Rolling Stone”. But it still resonates with me, because deep inside, I’m broken. In some other way, but broken. The scars of childhood are hidden, but they are there. Yet, there are other scars as well, that of adulthood. I guess everyone is a bit broken but it’s the way you go on that matters.

Whenever I feel difficulties during a running workout, I think of the “choir of angels deep inside my lungs” and feel better. For this and for making me feel alive, I’d like to thank Hurts, especially Theo who created such wonderful lyrics. Oh, and I’d love to discuss the creative process. How do such lyrics come into being? How do they approach you, Theo? Do they creep up to you at night? Keep haunting you wherever you go? Do they talk to you like the characters of my stories talk to me, nagging until I bring them to life on paper or decide to forget about them? In an interview, Theo admitted having a vivid imagination and living in a kind of a dream world. I do, too, sometimes. Occasionally, the images on my mind are even better than reality. I feast on these images, they bring me to life.

Oh, fellow, creative soul, let’s talk about creativity and let’s try and write something with that energy. I’d love to know what goes on inside your head.

Theodore David Hutchcraft, if you are reading this (what are the odds, eh?), pick a time and place, please, and let me know.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Spent the day doing a bit of this and that, regarding our small company. Looked into ways how to create an e-store for supplements. Lots and lots to do still, but it all gets done only if I start somewhere, right? I started, I took the first steps on that road.

2. Write AND publish a book.

A nice quiet morning with the Writing Magazine. Again. I do like dipping into that mindset of creativity. Now, all I need is to get writing.

3. Win a major race.

The very last harder workout before the marathon. 5x1km at 4.15 min/km pace (faster than my estimated marathon pace). It was fine, I think I’m getting ready.

Photo of the Day

Meanwhile, Miu couldn’t really wake up in the morning.

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