Day 750: 25% Done

The first quarter of my 1,000 days has already passed. It was like yesterday when the date was July 24, 2018, my sister’s birthday, on which I started my journey with a big bang: by buying a plot of land where we’d like to build our house. 250 days have gone by so fast. Am I any closer to my goals? Let’s take a look. It’s been quite a turmoil! For instance, this time also included 3 months abroad while I was studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University during my Erasmus exchange.

  • The house goal. Getting closer to this goal mainly involves earning money for the actual building as well as any activities that take us closer to the house. This could include drawing up the house plans, for instance. I have also counted getting ideas of what we like as progress. For instance, while we were housesitting in the UK for 3 months, we saw a lot of different homes. In some of them, I noted down things that I’d like to copy. Seeing how people live gives a great insight into one’s own wishes. As we were abroad and thus earned less money than usual (husband not working at all, me working just a little bit), we moved a bit further away from fulfilling the goal in some ways. But we’re back now and ready to fire! In the next few months, I shall be retraining to become a developer, which means a new career. An IT career. All will go well, I know, and soon I will have a proper job with a proper income. House, here we come!
  • The book goal. To write and publish, eh? Well, thanks to attending a Creative Writing MA programme in Cardiff, I have written a handful of new short stories. I like them. Most of them revolve around the theme of being an Estonian. I do want to introduce my country to the world. I have also worked on two novels: written one new (memoir-like piece of writing about my travels to Asia) and edited another (semi-biographical). I have worked on my creative stuff more than ever. That’s good. Moreover, meanwhile, I also self-published two e-books on Amazon. It’s not really the kind of goal I had in mind (my main desire is to write and publish fiction) but it will do as well. All the experience I can get is crucial! I also realised that all the publishing business is not as easy as it may seem. I also learned that self-publishing is not impossible. It’s kind of exciting even!
  • The running goal. I have been training harder than ever. We just returned from a training camp in Portugal and I will run a marathon in just a week’s time. It’s a bit early to assess my shape but I did win a race in December already. Not the most major race but already a decent win. Hoping to have a great racing season!

Looks like despite some fatigue and setbacks, I’m on the right course and I actually have made some steps towards all of the goals. Possibly, once the first year passes (end of July), I will be able to reflect better about my future. By that time, my internship as a junior developer shall also come to an end and I will possibly have an idea where my career is heading to.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I did finish updating the page about my nutrition e-books on the blog. Hopefully, it will encourage more people to buy them. To increase my earnings, I’m now also adding a donation button (100% voluntary!) to the end of each post.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Selected one of my short stories and submitted it to a contest. First results (longlist) out in mid-May. Will be submitting some more in the coming weeks, months, years! The contest calendar included in the Writing Magazine is really useful.

3. Win a major race.

The last long-ish run before the marathon. In previous weeks, my long runs were 25-30 km. This time, I only had to run 18 km. Seemed easy enough. Pace 4.51 min/km means that I actually run better in Estonia than I did in the training camp. The hot weather really isn’t for me, I guess. This workout restored my self-confidence and I can now await the marathon with pleasure.

Photo of the Day

Cauliflower curry
Curry is always a good dinner option


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