Day 752: Unplugged

I spent Friday at home. Finally, time to unwind and unplug myself! We’d arrived on Wednesday, 6.10am flight, straight to the office, home only at 6pm. On Thursday, I was in Tallinn again, doing the test and attending an interview, which landed me in an intensive 3.5-month IT training programme. Obviously, by Friday morning I was toast. I didn’t want to go anywhere. Even getting up from the bed was quite a task. I do intend to start getting up around 6.30am again but this might take some time before it becomes a routine again. I guess the entire training camp had taken its toll on me. I was training hard and sleeping during the day but it was still tiresome. Moreover, I was angry with myself because I couldn’t get the things done that I had planned to. A day off was something that I needed. Sometimes everyone needs one. The kind of a day when you slowly start picking up the pieces of yourself and put them back in place. I went for a run, cooked, cleaned the home, worked a bit, caught up on my blog writing. All the small things that are doable within a short time frame but that give lots of pleasure simply because they have been done. Once ready, it’s possible to tackle bigger and harder tasks!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I was having a really quiet and slow day at home but did manage to work for an hour or so.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Tried to recreate my morning routine and start all over again. Actually, read a few chapters (the “read 30 min every morning” habit) of John Mullan’s How Novels Work. A fascinating insight into the narrative structures of novels, seen by the way of example of famous novels. If I want to be a writer, and, more importantly, write books about writing itself, reading such books is crucial.

3. Win a Major Race.

Fartlek training. 10x2min. I mostly blame the hormones and PMS for my slowness. I really wasn’t up to it. I only could congratulate myself for actually doing it. Later in the evening, I developed a headache and slipped into awful fatigue.

Photo of the Day

Our local train station at 7.24pm. Went to pick up my husband who came, carrying a massage table.

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