Day 753: A New Career Ahead

In some ways, I am still searching for the right path for myself. I know I love writing but I also feel that I need to learn something extra. I have all those ideas about an interactive creative writing related website, where you could join in online writing courses and experiment with different techniques. I also have more than one idea about mobile apps, both nutrition and writing-related. Ah, all these ideas! What to do with them? I did buy two developer courses on Udemy. Why haven’t I got far with them? Android Studio basically froze on my stupid computer, that’s why. But I’m still very interested in both mobile app and web development. And day 753 actually gave me more reasons to be interested in all this!!

What happened?

I didn’t tell many people what I had planned for March 28. Just like only a few people knew that in 2018 I attempted to become an air traffic controller (sigh), even less people know about my intention to dive deep into the world of developing. In Estonia, we have a programme called Choose IT! It’s an intense retraining programme for people who haven’t learned any IT at university. It’s 6 weeks of training and 8 weeks of internship in a real-life company where you’d need to tackle real tasks. The programme is utterly practical and you need to be 101% present to understand everything. You don’t pay anything for it but don’t get paid either. However, in the end of it, you could offered a job as a junior developer if the internship goes well. Currently, there’s a lack of developers in Estonia and I am certain I can do it. I want to do it. And if I truly desire something, I get it. Let’s hope I keep wanting it with my every cell.

To get into the programme, I had to do a spatial abilities test. Ugh, this is my least favourite part in any IQ test. I am the kind of weird person who likes IQ tests. I have more than one brain training game in my mobile. Yes, I challenge my mind for fun. When I applied for an ATC position last year, I also had to pass the visual tests. Shapes, rotating the shapes, layouts… not my favourites. Give me a mathematical or linguistic problem anytime! But once again, I passed the spatial awareness test, even when I could feel my brain smoking while I mentally rotated the shapes. I got through it and even managed to behave well throughout the interview. I’m an entrepreneur and a freelancer. Very often, I have never seen my employers. Very often, we don’t even live on the same continent! A real life interview was something I haven’t done for 6 years. That was odd. I sensed how the interviewer (younger than me) was asking me textbook questions. “Give me an example where you’ve had to improvise.”, etc. I’m not very detail-oriented, I’m a broad picture kind of person. I don’t measure my ingredients when cooking, unless I’m writing a recipe for a blog, etc. For me, giving specific examples is hard. Somehow, I was convincing enough and got through! I’m in the programme and it starts on April 22! I think it’s because that I’m a natural born learner. I live to learn. I love the process! Because I love new things.

Anyway, new career, here I come!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I secured myself a key for a door that leads me closer to a new career. If anything, this means a better salary and getting closer to the house dream. With the right developer skills, I might be able to build my e-stores as well.

2. Write AND publish a book.

It was not a writing day. But I finally finished Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia.

3. Win a major race.

I was still tired from all that travel and not very eager to go for a run. But I did. I joined my running group in the forest for some running drills. It was good to be back in our beloved forest, although some parts of it are still covered with ice.

Photo of the Day

Spring is here!

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