Day 754: Freedom of Speech

Just the day before, we met Jehovah’s witnesses in Faro and had a short discussion about religion. Maybe you read about Estonians not really being religious, I wrote about in my previous post. Anyhow, we flew from Faro to London Luton and spent a short night at an airport hotel. I’ve slept too many times at the airport to not want to do it anymore. It was only in December when we spent a great deal of the night at Luton Airport as we were leaving Wales and finally returning home. It’s not the most convenient place to sleep. The flight was once again 6.10am and one other Estonian whom we knew was also taking the same flight. Sitting down for a WHSmith “meal deal” breakfast (wrap, coconut water and an Eat Natural protein bar), we shared our experience with Jehovah’s witnesses. We didn’t say anything too bad but maybe laughed a bit. Very quietly our acquaintance admitted being a Jehovah’s follower as well. Oh, what are the odds? There are only 8 million in the whole world and we were telling that supposedly funny story to one of them. Ooops. But it’s a free world. Anyone can say what they like. I quickly added that I don’t mind other people’s religion as long as they don’t force it upon me. This Jehovah’s witness was a timid one, a typical Estonian, not like the Americans we had met just the day before. I can live with this.

I don’t want to offend people. Everyone has the right to believe what they like. But with some things you automatically assume that everyone thinks the same and maybe even make a joke about it. For instance, that everyone thinks the the Jehovah’s witnesses standing on the street with their Awake! and other magazines are odd. In Estonia, they stand like statues. They reside in my small hometown Kehra, too. They just stand there. I have hardly seen them talk to anyone. They also stand by the train station in Ülemiste, where I work. Again, just statues. I like them this way, to be honest. I’m a typical Estonian who hates being approached on the street. I guess that if people really want to hear more from them, they go to them themselves. This is the right way to do it, I believe.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Most of the day was spent in a haze because we didn’t sleep too much at night. But we actually went to work. Even I had one customer appointment. Trying to get back on track.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote down some notes about a short story that came to me in Faro.

3. Win a major race.

A real rest day after a long time. I could have gone for an easy jog but I really didn’t want to.

Photo of the Day

Meanwhile in Tallinn, the Skywheel had been erected. Not yet working though.

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