Day 759: Of Cakes and Birthdays

During our training camp in Portugal, two of our youngest members had their birthdays. On consecutive days. And they were roommates as well (in the camp, where we lived in 2- or 4-people apartments). For this occasion, we opened a small cake factory in our apartment. We doesn’t mean me and my husband but me and a friend. My husband (and some of his clients if they happened to be there while we baked) simply had the pleasure to feast on the smell of cakes while we were preparing for the big days. We delivered the first cake (lemon cheesecake kind of thingy) in the morning, right to the birthday boy’s bed. We even got a pack of candles for the cake. These turned out to be “magical” candles. No matter how much he blew, they kept burning! Eventually, we had to put them out in a glass of water. Lots of fun, indeed! We ate the first cake while playing board games on day 760. We delivered the second cake just after midnight, basically on day 759. We couldn’t repeat the “bring the cake to the bed” ritual because it would have been too obvious. He would have already known to expect us sometime around 6.40 am. So, diligently, we waited until midnight and then brought the cake over. From that point, we had to wait about 20 hours before we actually started eating that rich chocolate cake.

I think it’s kind of nice that we baked these cakes. Beats store-bought cakes any day! And I’m so lucky to have a kind friend who would suggest making them in the first place. I know how to bake, no problems with that part, but there always needs to be someone to initiate the whole thing! I’m not sure how I’d react to a bunch of people inside my bedroom early in the morning but I’d possibly survive because they only mean well, right?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Polished the translation that I’d finished the day before. Sent it off. Phew, done. Had one massage client in the evening as well.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Finally had some time to continue reading Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia, while waiting for the main workout of the day to commence.

3. Win a major race.

Another hardcore running day. Fartlek in the morning: 12 x 3 minutes on small hills and sandy landscape, followed by some sprints on the grass. This is really not my favourite kind of run, mainly because of the difficult landscape. But I made it and was faster than a week before, in which this kind of workout was the very first intense one. At least some progress!

Another easy run in the evening, followed by strength and conditioning exercises.

Photo of the Day

Chocolate cake for the 2nd night

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