Day 760: Carvoeiro

On that day, we went for a little hike as it was a rest day in terms of running. We drove to Carvoeiro and started a hike on the cliffs. About 2.5 km forward and then back + some climbing on the rocks. The beginning of the trail was covered with a boardwalk, accessible to almost anyone. From there, it was possible to test my adventurous mind and trek a bit further down on the rocks to peek into limestone caves and snap gorgeous photos. From afar, all that climbing might have looked precarious but once I got into it myself, it was fairly easy. I’m not afraid of heights, I kind of even adore them. It could be a bit worse for someone who is not the biggest friend of heights. But even one of us wasn’t the biggest fan of heights and it was fine. Could recommend this cliff top to anyone.

We walked quite a bit further, right until Praia do Vale Centeanes, in which you could find a small café as well as a toilet. If you’re like me, knowing where the nearest toilet is located does matter. There’s also one right at the Carvoeiro beach. Both are free of charge. The cliffs and beaches are quite similar all along the way so you probably get tired at one point and want to go back. The trek back should take a bit less because you have already seen it all and snapped all the Instagram shots and no longer need to climb all the way down, closer to the ocean either. Oh, and at some places you could even get wet because the ocean crushes at the rocks and the water splashes you.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

We headed out around noon and thus I could work for a few hours before the fun part. I continued working later in the evening once I had returned, exhausted. But this wasn’t still the end of the day. One of us had a birthday and thus we had a small gathering with some cake (that we made the day before and delivered to the birthday boy’s bed at dawn) and Alias.

2. Write AND publish a book.

A too busy day to get any writing done.

3. Win a major race.

Just an easy run in the morning and a hike + shopping (Decathlon!) in the afternoon. 20,000+ steps anyway.

Photo of the Day


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