Day 764: How to Fall Out with Your Spouse

Sunday is typically a long run day and it was no different on the first Sunday of the training camp. Obviously, the temperature in Portugal is a bit different than the one in Estonia. A bit. If you remember, I did one 30km run back in Estonia, on my birthday (3/03), and another on a treadmill in London (actually, Stansted Airport) because we were “just passing by” on our way to Portugal. So, on March 17, I embarked on a really long run in really hot climate. My husband came to escort me on a bike which meant that he could give me water and cheer me on. Hm, sounds like a good idea? Well, if you know me and my dislike for hot weather, this might be just what it takes to fall out with my husband and shout at him. I really am a lone wolf and survive the best if I can do the really hard stuff in solitude.

Maybe my legs and the entire body were still tired from the previous day’s hill training. No, not maybe, definitely. Hill training is one of the hardest workouts for me and I was quite devastated by the evening. I couldn’t fall asleep as early as I wanted either because my husband was doing some exercises in the other room. Somehow, when I am waiting for him to come to bed, I don’t sleep soundly. I do fall asleep, but I keep waking up if he hasn’t joined me. The breakfast I ate was mostly light but I still had some undigested food inside me when I started the run. Not the best way to go. Anyhow, the bottle we had was too small. The water ran out too soon. I had some gas in my stomach and eventually had to go to the bushes in the middle of my run. Moreover, he had escorted another runner on the same lap but he forgot which way to go, so we got lost a bit, which frustrated me. And this lap included some serious hillwork. Wasn’t the previous day already enough? As if this wasn’t already sufficiently awful, he managed to tell me that maybe I should quit and turn back if I had pain in my stomach. He asked what was the point of running if my pace was to drop to 6.00 min/km. This really infuriated me. What 6.00? In the end, the average was more like 5.12 min/km, which is not great but fine for such a hot day. At that point, I told him to get lost. I was going to do it all alone, even without water. How could he doubt in me? I was so angry. Then again, I was thankful that he did not give up on me. That he followed. That he went ahead and bought me a cold and refreshing iced tea from a gas station. Energy and liquids! Yes!

The moral? If you want to fall out with your spouse, do a really hard training and have them with you, doubting you and having easy time (much easier to cycle than run). If they are good people, they will stick with you and won’t let you die from dehydration!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I was dead after the run. Slept. Woke up. Went for lunch. No work whatsoever.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Not in the mood to read. Nor write.

3. Win a major race.

A really long run as you read from above. Not my greatest day, but at least I finished it. Later slept for a few hours and went for a well-deserved lunch out. Even later: massage to my husband and then one for me.

Photo of the Day

Trying to survive.

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