Day 765: Up the Hill it Goes, Repeat 8 Times

Saturday, March 16. Another day at the training camp in Portugal. High mileage, lots of sun, intense social life – of course, this all has made me quite tired. Training camp is not only intense in terms of training, it’s the whole package! Saturday was uphill interval day. For me, this is possibly the toughest thing ever. Not only does it require me to run fast, I have to do it against gravity! Here, in Falesia, we have quite long and steep hills. The one we used is about 500 metres long. And while everyone else was switching between 500m and 300m up the hill, my training plan said I had to do 8x500m. In other words: while everyone else had finished their hard part, I was still not yet done and had to go on and on for what seemed like forever. But how else could I get strong? The beginning of a 500-metre interval was fairly easy. The toughest part was somewhere between 300 and 400 metres. My heart was pumping hard, my legs tried to go forward, I could barely move my hands. So far, in Estonia, I think I have managed 10×300-metre hill intervals, which means a total of 3km up the hill. Anyone who can add up numbers knows that 8×500 means 4km. Moreover, in Estonia we mostly had the hillwork days in March. Well, this hill training was also in March. But March in Estonia and in South Portugal is quite different. Snow versus torching sun. Long sleeves versus bare bellybutton. You get the difference. All in all, I am glad that I survived until the end. And the pace? Well, better than a year ago in Estonia or in autumn in England when I last tried to tackle the hills. After this, the landscapes of Estonia should be a child’s play.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

If you have two workouts a day and one of them is up the hill, it’s hard to be productive. Mostly, I slept during the day and translated maybe just a little bit of the long project I had undertaken.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Morning minutes in the company of the Writing Magazine. Useful tips and tricks.

3. Win a major race.

In a training camp, the focus is mainly on training. Hill workout in the morning 17 km total. Easier run in the evening (although not that easy because my friend took me to the hilly coast!), 8 km + core exercises, etc. on the beach. I was quite dead by the end of it but got everything done.

Photo of the Day

Time to relax. Taken the day before actually.

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