Day 766: Older but Acting the Same

I remember my student days when I was abroad. In high school, it was all about excitement. The same when I was in university. In high school, my geography teacher used to organise bus trips to various places in Europe. In university, I was a member of AEGEE-Tallinn, which is part of larger international students network in Europe. During summer, I would go on trips. Croatia, Romania, France, Kosovo, Turkey – to name a few. Mostly, we stayed at some kind of hostel. The days were filled with planned activities, the nights with fun. As the nerd of my class, I didn’t join in too much of the fun but I did participate in some of it. In university, the evening parties were in fact part of the daily plan anyway. I remember the excitement that spread on these evenings. Getting to know other people. Playing silly games. Oddly enough, it is vaguely similar to our training camp atmosphere. But simply a hundred times better.

What’s different?

Well, it’s a training camp, so our main activity is running. As such, people don’t get as drunk as university students would. Quite often, people don’t get drunk at all. I haven’t drunk a single drop of alcohol so far. We are here to train, to get faster. We do play games but these are mostly board games. Proper grown-up fun. But we do laugh like students (hell, I am a student, even if it’s already my 2nd MA degree!). The atmosphere is so relaxed that it’s almost easy to forget that most people are in their 30s. Maybe, fun doesn’t know age limits? I truly enjoy this ageless feeling. And there’s more of it in store.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was a rest day, during which I tried to catch up on some work and also had 2 massage appointments.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Spent an interesting half-an-hour with the Writing Magazine. Pretty good tips in there!

3. Win a major race.

Rest day. 40 minutes in the morning. Refueling for tough days.

Photo of the Day

Cornflour lemon cake.

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