Day 768: Tourist Red

5 years ago when I spent 2 full months travelling around Asia, I obviously transformed my European white skin into something completely different. Yes, I burnt it. A lot. Mostly, I used coconut oil as a sun protection measure and also had a tube of aloe vera gel for the burns. Not much but it was sufficient to survive. Anyhow, at one point I wrote a poem about my Bali adventures. In it, I used the expression “tourist red” to describe the tone my skin had achieved from too much sunshine. I guess everyone has seen tourist red. It’s not the pretty even tan that seasoned sunbathers or ex-pats have. It’s the kind of burn that hurts. The ugly red skin that most white-skinned tourists acquire when they get too enthusiastic about their sunbaths.

I had the tourist red skin back then and have it now. Just a few days into the 2-week training camp and my skin has had it. Day 768, March 13 meant quite a long workout on the cross-country trails. This happened sometime around the noon when the sun was high. Later, I spent some time around the pool as if to intensify the effect of the sun. Once back in my own room, I realised that even my forehead hurts. I don’t have a fringe anymore, first time in 10 years maybe, and I have now managed to burn my forehead. And arms. And cleavage (running with a top, right). Sometimes the skin even itches because of the burns. Oh well, one never learns. Tourist red seems to be my destiny.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Not the most productive day. Still tired from the flights or something, I don’t know. But I did earn some money because I had a massage client.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I wanted to but couldn’t do any creative writing. I did read articles from the Writing Magazine. Should really subscribe to that one to better immerse myself in writing process.

3. Win a major race.

The first hard training day. 3 minutes fast on a hilly landscape, repeat 12 times. Tough. The sun was particularly harsh. It was hard already from the beginning but I made myself do it. A mind workout as well. In the evening, ran just 8 km, but it was possibly the toughest easy run I’ve had for a long time.

Photo of the Day

Baked some cookies in the morning.

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