Day 770: What’s With the Convertibles?

March 11, Monday. Blue Monday? Yes, if the cloudless blue sky counts. We arrived in Faro, Portugal and will be staying around there for two weeks. It’s training camp time! Compared to Estonia, the climate is tropical. Estonia = -5 degrees, snow, sleet, slippery roads, wind far worse than a gentle breeze. Portugal? Well… +20 degrees and above, sunny, cloudless, just a little bit of a refreshing breeze. A runner’s paradise. This time, only a few people have rented cars because most of them also arrived in Faro, as opposed to Lisbon like in the two previous years (more than 200 km away), which is about half an hour away from the hotel. They used the airport transfer service. On most days, we’ll be training anyway or resting from the workouts. It’s a training camp, no need to go sightseeing and wear yourself out.

Before I begin my rant-ish monologue, let me tell you that I do appreciate when a friend makes the effort to pick us up at the airport and then also takes us into the supermarket to buy some food. We all live in apartments here, with decent kitchen areas and bathrooms as well as a large living room. Honestly, this apartment here is the same size as ours back home. We didn’t want any of the buffet meals because I know how bad a buffet is for my figure. I can’t help myself and eat too much. Then, it is always hard to go for a run because I’m too full, etc. etc. Anyway, we are cooking all of our meals, so being able to go food shopping was a big deal for us.

But I wanted to talk about the car that he used to pick us up. He told us already in Estonia that he’d get one of the fancy convertibles. Sounds nice in a sunny place like this, right? Open top, wind whistling in your ears, sun shining… Oh, I don’t know. I can’t see what’s so special about these cars after having been in one of those. Our luggage did fit into the trunk and even our food shopping bags fit into the car, onto the back seat, basically. But it’s not really a big car. I sat at the back, squished. Not much leg room to go around. The position I was sitting in was rather awkward and that’s maybe why my lower back hurt so much afterwards. And the wind whistling in your ears? I thought I was going to have a headache. It felt like standing in the middle of a tornado or a hurricane. I put my hair up because they would have been a mess otherwise. They did get messy after all. I had to hold a hand on my head so the hair wouldn’t get loose all the time. Moreover, I didn’t hear almost anything they were talking about in the front. They might as well have been gossiping about me. I also think that if I’d have to spend entire day in such a car, I would get a sunstroke. Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s all better when you sit in the front. Maybe. Maybe not.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was our second travel day which means that we didn’t get much done. But actually we did do something. As we arrived to the training camp where we will also be doing massages, we booked a few appointments for the others. This will earn us some of the money back that we spent on the trip. Moreover, I bought Writing Magazine, including a writing contest calendar, from Stansted Airport and kept circling potential contests where I could submit my work and thus earn some money and even be published.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Yet another reading day with Writing Magazine and Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously. The former provided m with lots of writing motivation and I made quite a few writing plans thanks to the contest calendar. I am more confident than ever that I want to pursue a writing career.

3. Win a major race.

The first run in warm Portugal. Was supposed to be an easy one but my legs were still quite stiff from the 25K that I did the day before. However, all went well. 5.18 min/km pace with the heart rate of 139 is quite decent. Thanks to my husband’s poor orienteering skills I did run about 15 minutes longer than my trainer had intended but I will survive.

Photo of the Day

View from our window.

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