Day 771: I’m the Pushy One

Sunday, March 10 saw us leaving the country for better weather and better running trails. Training camp in Portugal ahead! As usual, I had booked the cheapest flight and refused to pay for any extras, such as extra legroom, priority boarding or a simple thing like sitting together. Sometimes, it all works out and we do end up sitting close by. This time, it was rows 2 and 31. Haha, you got me, Ryanair. In fact, these are quite decent seats. Just imagine how quickly it’s possible to exit if both the front and rear doors are used. The reality was like this: I was out of the plane quite soon and waited inside the terminal for what seemed like an eternity. I thought I was going to drown in the crowd of Italian teenagers who got off the other plane and gathered in there. I watched people getting off the plane but I didn’t see my husband coming. I knew he was supposed to have an aisle seat which makes for a quick exit. I also knew that I am the pushy one in our family. I’m the one to rush forward, pass everyone, be the first one to get anywhere. I’m the one who just goes ahead. He is the kind and polite one who lets other people pass first. I mostly think of myself (well, someone has to!), he thinks of other people. That’s why he’s sometimes “late” for home (yes, that’s possible). He puts the needs of his customers first and forgets about himself and thus misses the train… Too much of this, I reckon. I won’t say I’m sorry for being such a selfish person. I think everyone needs to take care of themselves. I’m not rude, really. I also know how to open doors for people (if I have the time) and I actually did it just a week ago when a mother with a pram wanted to exit the shop I was entering to buy some pretty running shoes (wiii, Nike outlet!). I love being efficient and this means walking quickly and doing things fast. It’s a cruel world, you need to push through. That being said, let me remind you that I’m an introvert so I also do all this pushy stuff very quietly and still sometimes hesitate.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Travel day. Not really the most productive day. I did check my notebook and thought about what kind of project I could work on while in training camp (before it actually starts, I still dream that I have enough time for everything and can be extremely productive in there).

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing but some reading on the plane. Reading is crucial for developing one’s own style. + I do want to write at least one book about creative writing techniques. I was reading Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously. The initial enthusiasm has worn down a bit and I see the book in a new light. I have started to analyse its structure and can almost pinpoint what bothers me about the book. One day, I will write all about it and other books and creative writing more thoroughly in the new blog that I don’t yet have. I do have written some posts for that blog and have big plans.

3. Win a Major Race.

I had swapped some workouts during the week and on the last day of the week I was left with the longest of them all. Ugh. 25 km, including 4x3km at half marathon pace (4.25-4.30 min/km). A tough one. The weather at Stansted Airport was better than in Estonia (no snow) but also extremely windy. I really did not want to go running outside. I had picked a hotel with a gym, so that’s where we went. When we arrived, I was exhausted, headache, etc. I didn’t want to run at all. But there I was, on the treadmill, negotiating with myself that maybe I could try and do at least 20K instead of 25K. I shortened the warm-up, succeeded in the middle part where I had to run faster (3K fast, 1K slower, repeat 4 times), and ended up doing the whole 25K. Yes! The throbbing headache returned later on but I had managed my workout and finished yet another week of 90 kilometres. What’s ahead? Well, training camp and 100+ weeks!

Photo of the Day

Before the long treadmill training. At least BBC kept us entertained throughout.

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