Day 774: Whose Biological Clock?

I realised something interesting. When people talk about their biological clocks ticking, reminding them that they need to do something just because they are getting older every minute, these clocks do not necessarily need to be their personal clocks. When my mother tells me that “all” of my girlfriends already have children (which they actually don’t) and wants me to stop running (literally, as in training for races) and reminds me that my biological clock is ticking, it’s not actually MINE. She will be 60 next year and so far she has 0 grandchildren. It’s her biological clock that is ticking and telling her that she actually wants to become a grandmother. Too often people want other people to fulfill their wishes, without doing much for them themselves. As long as my biological isn’t ticking, I’m not doing it. Having children is a big commitment. I don’t want to say goodbye to the life I have. I once thought that I had time as long as my husband’s twin sister didn’t have a baby. She’s older than me. Her baby is now 1 year old. Ouch. She is not my lifeline anymore. Luckily, I do have other friends who are older than me and without children. I’m still safe. Not everyone around me has turned into diaper-changing, baby-talking creatures whose world revolves around a small human being who cries too loud and poops all the time. Honestly, I’m not ready for this. I love myself too much to give up. Not yet. While my clock is not ticking, let’s live! Oh, it is ticking a bit. I want to become a fast runner sooner than soon because I know that speed might disappear as I age. So that’s the biological clock that I have.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Worked on a few projects and dreamed of setting up yet another blog/website that would really focus on the things I can offer. Also, applied for an interesting job/project.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Spent some time writing down more of my memories from my Asian adventure. Every girl has her Bali. Not only Elizabeth Gilbert. However, so far, my story hasn’t got further than Kuala Lumpur but Bali is coming soon.

3. Win a major race.

A short run in the morning a longer indoor workout in the evening. I did feel fatigue in my legs and couldn’t sprint as fast as I would have wanted. But it’s at least done.

Photo of the Day

Just look at all the beautiful massage rollers we have started to sell! Colourful!

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