Day 775: Some Days Don’t Count

Some days simply don’t count. They are part of the calendar, you do live through them but they don’t count. Day 775, March 6 was one of such days. For me, it was spent in agony because of the awful abdominal pain that accompanies the first day of the period. Add to it fatigue and nausea and you can easily understand why I didn’t want to do anything. I did do something but all this didn’t count. It didn’t help me much further, although I did make some plans for our company, etc. But… I don’t want this day to count.

I didn’t care too much what I was eating. I bought a box of Shrove Tuesday buns. Basically, white bread with double cream. I don’t even like them that much but after Tuesday, most stores were full of their leftovers. I ate them. I also ate too many dates. And some bits of a sweet called zephyr. At least, I cannot be blamed for buying the latter, it was my husband. I did surf around the internet but not with a specific aim. I did learn bits and pieces about setting up an e-store but nothing really solid. Let’s say that I now have a hunch about managing an e-store. Still, overall, it was more like an aimless wandering. The kind of day that I’d like to forget. Mostly, I’d like to forget how I was wasting the day. How I mainly focused on my pain and used it as an excuse to do practically nothing. Let’s say it didn’t count. Better luck the next day. If one day goes wrong, you can always start fresh on the next one. You don’t have to throw it all away. Continue. Keep going. One day, you will get there.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did do some research on building an e-store (integrating payment methods and accounting and all that) and actually had one client appointment in the evening. The e-store is crucial for our company’s success. If it works, we’ll have better luck in getting the funds for our house.

2. Write AND publish a book.

In the morning, read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat.Pray.Love, because it has become a habit to read 30 minutes in the morning. The habit also carries into the evening. As I ran back home and didn’t have the book with me, I read Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia. I have to say that the latter is much more entertaining. Mainly because I can find more common ground with the author. She sounds more like me. Oh, and the book is about cooking! More or less. It was a birthday present and seems like a good one.

3. Win a major race.

If the morning had been warmer, my plan to go for a run 7.30 am would have worked. But it was -19 degrees. I decided to wait until it got warmer, until noon or so. But then… an awful stomach ache hit. The day was ruined. The first day of the period is always like that. Wanted to ditch my run altogether but made myself work out and went for a pump class to increase my strength. In the evening, I did go for a short run. Switched Wednesday and Friday runs because I didn’t at all feel like running for an hour.

Photo of the Day

Cold morning with some fog on the river.

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