Day 777: Crazy Times

We live at crazy times. The elections are over. Luckily, the liberal party won. But the conservative party with its hatred and racist policies still got so many votes. What kind of people voted for a party that wants to turn women into birthing machines (if you are over 27 years old woman with no children – like me – you are obviously the bad seed in the society, no matter how much you have contributed to it otherwise) and hates certain people? Another crazy thing: there’s a huge doping scandal in skiing right now. Turns out some of our national heroes are guilty. People question everybody. What about those medals they won? Are they for real? Yes, possibly they are great athletes, they have done all the hard work, but how “clean” are they? It’s a messy business, I am already tired about all this. But I am also proud of this one man who actually had the guts to say that he did it.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Made some actual plans for the house and found the one that I’d like to buy. Even wrote down the steps we would need to take to edge closer to the actual building. Trello is quite a good tool for creating such lists. Time has shown that plans on paper tend to disappear and Trello offers an alternative.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Had a small writing crisis. I found myself thinking that maybe I need to get some other processes going in my company before I can dedicate myself to writing. Maybe there needs to be a constant flow of money before I can truly write my days away. Checked my e-books on Amazon as well and stated the fact that I do need to do a bit of marketing for them. Or a lot. I made all this effort but they are not selling. And there I was, thinking that all I need to do is to write a magnificent book and it would sell itself. Nope.

3. Win a major race.

Rest day after a 100K+ week. I barely walked and needed to make an effort to achieve my 10,000 steps.

Photo of the Day

A bit of madness in each day!

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