Day 779: Take the Other Road Home

The day before, I had celebrated my birthday with some runners from my club. A CrossFit workout, board games, lots of food. Lots! It all ended around 2am and obviously, we stayed the night. This is our favourite office by far. If only it also had a shower, it would be perfect. We do have a kitchenette, a toilet, plenty of space (and too many chairs) for gatherings, and a sofa bed. During the day, it’s a sofa, at night, we can transform it into a bed. Anyway, we stayed, woke up there with a food hangover (too many different foods at once) and went for a run. It seemed reasonable to do the workout in the city because otherwise, it would have dragged too much. Driving home, unloading stuff, trying to find the motivation for the run… no, this wasn’t going to work. So we did it there. But that’s not the point.

My husband had forgotten a key into his pocket from the previous day’s CrossFit class. This meant that we had to drive by there again and choose a bit different route on our way home. I’ll be honest, I was excited to choose another way. New places! The route we usually use is the quickest but also somewhat tedious. We drove through new villages and wondered at how interesting those little places were. I even wanted to know more about them, get the feel of them, walk around, run around. There were quite many options for running, plenty of roads. As the day was truly sunny, it all looked so splendid and motivating. Choosing a different route home can be so invigorating because a whole new perspective opens up for you. Try it someday.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Almost another day of no work. But not really. Finished off a project in the evening and sent out an email with test results to my customer. It feels great to finish stuff.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing. No reading. The food hangover and the late night made me so fatigued that I actually slept for 2 hours in the afternoon.

3. Win a major race.

A tough run in the morning: 10K with half marathon pace (+ warm-up and cooldown, total 5K). This is the run that I was the most afraid of. It was windy, I did have a food hangover (too much food, no alcohol involved), but I surprised myself with a great run. 2 km longer than just a week ago but faster! Yes! Went for another run, 30 minutes, in the evening as well. I was quite dead but it made me feel a bit better.

Photo of the Day

By the way, coloured my hair the day before.

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