Day 782: Mindset of Success

So many authors have written about how your thoughts can determine whether you succeed or not. Napoleon Hill and his Think and Grow Rich, published back in 1937, for instance. Or The Secret and its many versions (turns out there’s a separate secret for love life, business, etc. – clever marketing!). I do believe that you need a certain mindset to succeed. Your mind needs to be open, ready, willing to accept success and act upon it. If you have closed your mind to success or do not believe in yourself, then nothing will happen. Who else is going to do the work for you? No one! You need to take responsibility. The first responsibility of all is deciding that you WANT success. If you consider yourself tiny, you will never grow. My mother has been like this all her life. There are always “other people” who are destined to be rich, happy, successful. She is addicted to whining about life and I even think that she would lose a bit of her identity if she didn’t have that whining, that misfortune. Her career? Doesn’t exist. Obviously, I listened to my successful father. I am certain that I can be the one who actually gets somewhere. What other people? Why not me?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Finished a report I should have submitted a long time ago. I think it’s great I got something like this done! It was for my other company (yes, I have two), which is now silently lurking in the corners but which I also intend to revive. In the evening, I also had a real life customer. Plus, I accepted one small project that I will finish in a day.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote a post for my investment blog. This time, about the causes of not achieving success. In addition, I worked on my travel story, much inspired by my reading of Gilbert’s Eat.Pray.LoveI even found myself writing with a similar style (I wish, right?).

3. Win a major race.

An easy 12-kilometre run in the morning went exceptionally well. Good pace, low heart rate. At noon, I attended a yoga class to do some stretching and core exercises. Felt some heaviness in my legs but energy levels were high.

Photo of the Day

20190226_221759If I have no other photos to share, there will always be some cat photos! Mjauki!

What do You Think?

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