Day 783: Unzip It on the Way

I have a weird habit. Big deal, right? Everybody has one. Or two. Or three. But I still want to share mine. The thing is that I start unzipping my jacket before I actually reach the apartment door. I also take off my gloves, my hat, my scarf if I am wearing any. If it was any easier, I would probably also take off my boots on the way but currently, I haven’t invented a way that doesn’t include me coming to a halt on the stairs, so I’m not doing it. Obviously, I can only do it if I have at least one hand free. Even if I AM carrying something other than my best friends, my backpack and my over-the-shoulder small bag, I still try to tear something off before I reach the door. I might start the moment I enter the hallway or maybe even when I have about 100 metres to go to the house. If I don’t undress on the way, then I will at least get the keys from my pocket and be ready to open the door. My husband sometimes asks if I have the key nearby and sometimes he also starts looking for his own key. But… when I reach the door, I am ALWAYS ready and thus I am usually the one to open it. I don’t see the point in getting to the door and then starting to think about the keys. I think and act on the go. I always put the keys in the same pockets. He usually fumbles for his keys, looks inside every pocket. Currently, my jacket pockets are a wonderland of keys: home, office, car + the chip that opens the dressing room door at my sports club – this can also be counted as a key. Everything I need.

Why do I do this? Well, for a long time, I lived on the 4th floor. Most of my life, really. Then I had a period when I lived on the 5th floor. Again on the 4th. 1st. 3rd. 1st. 2nd. In Estonia, ground floor = 1st floor. I am used to climbing the stairs and I created myself the habit of getting undressed on the way. Life on the 4th floor meant that I had to climb for a while. I wanted to fill this time with something useful, like getting undressed so I could continue with all the important stuff as soon as I’m indoors. Possibly, as a teenager, I just wanted to start playing The Sims 2 ASAP. Even when we lived on the 1st floor, I was still tearing my scarf off as soon as I was in the hallway, through the first door. It’s like a reflex. Now, as a resident of the 2nd floor, I do have some time to kill as I climb the 24 or so steps. Once inside, I kick off the boots, put away my jacket and change into “home clothes” within a minute. It’s a habit from my childhood: leave your best clothes for times when you are not home and wear not so pretty stuff (that might get dirty, etc.) at home.

How about you? Do you have the urge to undress while climbing the stairs? Any other odd clothing habits?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Completed a small translation and then wrote a blog article for our company + sent out the newsletter. Updating the website is crucial and I am happy I did it. We want to grow and it’s a necessary step in our growth.

2. Write AND publish a book.

The only things I wrote were the blog article about immunity and the newsletter. Oh, I also blogged about my Andrew James ice cream machine and shared a coffee ice cream recipe in my food blog. I did read in the morning and will do it before bedtime. Learning the style and storytelling techniques from Gilbert’s Eat.Pray.Love.

3. Win a major race.

A killer workout in the morning. 13×2 min speedwork. Basically, this means 13×500 metres. It was tough. I felt pumped afterwards (obviously, went well) and totally drained a few hours later. The short (30 minutes) evening run woke me up and made me feel better. All in all, more than 21 km in one day. I did think about going to the gym as well but was too dead for this.

Photo of the Day

I did dedicate some of my evening to making ice cream and blogging about it.

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