Day 784: Standing Still at 120 km/h

According to the law, I am not allowed to drive more than 90 km/h. A novice driver. Actually, no one is allowed to drive faster than 90 km/h in winter, even the traffic signs by the road say so but somehow people still believe that it’s summer and that the 110 km/h signs are out. They are not. Anyway, day 784, a sunny Monday, another road trip day (returning home) saw my speedometer going to 120 km/h but I wasn’t actually moving. How come?

We woke up in a small place called Rõuge, which is situated in South Estonia. We were visiting my in-laws but didn’t spend the night at their house. Instead, we stayed at my sister-in-law’s house who lives about 6 km from them. There’s a nice view of the deepest lake in Estonia and they live on the top of a hill. The house is fairly new. So new that some of it is still incomplete. But it’s a cute place with its own character. I had parked in front of the house. Due to the changing weather, this small square had become an ice field overnight. In fact, we managed to get going 15 minutes earlier than originally planned. This sounded great because we did have to stop in Tartu and collect the new massage table upholstery and my husband did have an appointment at 2pm. I sat inside the car, reversed and switched to”Drive” to start the long ride. The car didn’t move. Reversing had been fine, but I couldn’t then drive forward, drive away. The ground there is a bit inclined and not in the direction that would make my life easier. Front wheel drive didn’t get me out of there. Too slippery! The wheels going round and round but the car not moving. My husband went out to push. But he couldn’t. It’s hard when you are standing on ice. I pressed down the gas pedal, the speedometer thought I was going at 120 km/h, while I wasn’t actually moving. At last, with lots of whining and smoke, the car moved. I didn’t stop until it had crept all along the icy road and I was safely on the tarmac. This sound was one of the most awful ones I have heard in my life. Distance travelled? I reckon, something about 50 metres. The car thought it was 2.2 km. My little Mitsu really went mad. The rest of the day was fine and we got to Tallinn on time.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Once in the office, did some accounting and translated a small document just to get myself going. After 4 hours of driving, I wasn’t at all ready to do anything reasonable. At such times, starting with something small usually helps. On the way, we also listened to an investment-related podcast and my desire to have a small Airbnb apartment in Tallinn was revived. Someday.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I was far away from writing mode but did manage to get my half-an-hour in the morning reading done. Gilbert’s Eat.Pray.LoveYes, I can write the same kind of bestseller. But mine will be different. My experience was different. I am unique.

3. Win a major race.

My training plan said it was a rest day. Only 6,600 steps. That’s awful. But I did spend most of my day inside the car. In the evening, I rolled my muscles and did some stretching. Ready for another hard week of training!

Photo of the Day

Behind the building where we work. Went for a walk to buy some groceries.

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