Day 789: Maybe I Do Like It

This Wednesday was one of those rare days when I had customer appointments. I don’t have many appointments anymore. 1) Because I thought I didn’t want to offer counselling or massage, 2) Because due to the layout of our new office, we can only have 1 customer at a time. I cannot counsel anyone if he has another appointment, e.g. physiotherapy or massage which does happen in the other room but lacks privacy because we have not yet built a proper door/wall between the rooms. There is a bit of a wall but we need to separate the rooms completely to achieve privacy and block the noise.

Anyway, turns out I might still like providing massage. I thought I would hate it. At 6pm, which is quite late, after a long run and yet another workout (Pump), I wouldn’t normally enjoy being still at the office. I thought I would be so devastated. But… the 4.30 appointment filled me with joy. It was a food intolerance test, followed by a counselling. I knew what I was talking about. I was connecting the right dots. I was giving out useful information. I felt that I had all the knowledge in the world and I was ready to share it. How empowering! The massage appointment was a success as well, even with it being a Swedish massage, the boring stuff. It wasn’t that boring. If I did it every day, I would soon slip into a routine and start disliking it. But doing it every once in a while really is invigorating. Maybe I do like helping people. I know I do but only if I can do it on my own terms.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Two appointments on one day. And I might start liking some of my jobs once again. With this enthusiasm, I could earn quite a lot of money and invest it wisely.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did have some time to continue editing/rewriting my old novel. I realised it will need another proofreading once I’m finished with this tedious process. But in the end, it should look great. Possibly, I will need to put it aside for a few months once I reach the end. Only then can I really “kill my darlings” (see Stephen King’s fabulous novel On Writing).

3. Win a major race.

The weather was horrible. Again. Very strong headwind in some places and a bit of ice on the road. All in all, I did fairly fine on my 15-kilometre aerobic threshold run. It’s one of those runs that I’m actually a bit afraid of. The main question I always have is: will I be able to maintain the pace? It’s not a walk in the park kind of run. It’s fairly tough and lasts quite long. After some hot tea, lunch, and some writing, I drove to the sports club and attended a PumpFX class. Oh, how I have missed these classes! I do love exercising with the barbell.

Photo of the Day

Once again, I don’t have any new photos, so here’s an old one instead. Miu back in 2009 when she was a kitten.

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