Day 792: IT?

Recently, I have been thinking that I might need a career change. I still want to be a creative writer but maybe I do need something more to make it through in this modern world? Maybe I need to learn to programme to know how to build my own stunning websites and creative writing mobile apps? This idea has been bouncing on and off me from more than one direction. Could it be a sign that I need to look more into this? Could this be the place to transform my creative energy into something substantial, something comprehensible?

I have already started a mobile app developer course on Udemy. Well, I am a bit stuck with this because the Android Studio software tends to freeze my computer. But it seems like lots of fun and like a great skill to have. I also bought a web developer course (there was a big sale) and am more than excited to start with that one too. But I do want to finish one first. Could this be it? Or am I just letting my inner monkey jump around like crazy again? I have no idea. Could I find out by taking a 6-week course, designed specifically for people who have a higher education, but not IT education, and who want to do something new with their life? 6 weeks, followed by an internship of 8 weeks. That’s a bit more than 3 months. I could sacrifice 3 months of my life to find out. All the while, I can still carry on writing and fulfilling my other dreams. Yes, I can and I will.

The only problem is that I cannot open the website of the 6-week programme. It was just shown on TV (how on Earth did I know that I needed to tune to that station at that exact time?) and possibly the site is down because too many people are now trying to reach it. Go figure. Is this a cooling off period for me? If I still want it, I can look at the site tomorrow.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Spent most of the day watching the Estonian Championships. No time for work or anything else productive.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I didn’t write a word but did have my half an hour reading time in the morning. It was an athlete’s biography. It is somewhat interesting but at the same time, I find myself thinking that this is not how I would write mine. That’s not proper storytelling. I must force myself a bit to get through it. I do want to know his story (he now trains young people and I also see him several times a week at different indoor arenas, Estonia is small), so I keep reading.

3. Win a major race.

The final day of my rest week. Didn’t run, watched other people run (3000m, 800m, 4x400m, etc.). Once we finally got back home, I did some strength exercises. Ready for the next training week which will be much harder than this one!

Photo of the Day

It’s the indoor arena again. Next year, I promise, next year…

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