Day 793: No Bed Like Your Own

February 16, a Saturday, was a long day. At first, I ran for about an hour at a slow pace, visited a clothes sale in our town, and then we drove to the city to watch the Estonian national championships. Compared to all those runners, I still have room for progress. Anyway, we watched many of the people we know to run, jump, throw stuff around and receive medals for this. After, we had a little gathering just nearby. We had planned to leave a bit earlier but somehow all the talking, eating, and playing a board game took quite a lot of time. When we did get dressed a bit before 11pm, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to drive home (a 40-minute drive). Instead, we drove something like 5 minutes and slept on the sofa in our office. That’s why we bought a sofa bed, not just a sofa. It didn’t seem like a good idea to drive all the way home just to be back the next day for another set of races. That said, there is no other bed like your own. The bed at home is always more comfortable because the bedroom is designed for sleeping, unlike any other room in an office, etc. The sleeping environment must be made for sleeping, free of disturbances. It’s crucial for a nourishing sleep.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was one of those Saturdays when I didn’t work nor think of any company development plans. Oh, but while I was waiting for my husband to finish his workout at yet another indoor arena (the one which didn’t have the nationals going on), I did read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich!, a book about money and how we think about money. I can feel some patterns shifting in my mind.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Nah, no creative work.

3. Win a major race.

Ran for 1 hour. Easy run to finish off my rest week. The sun was shining and it was quite pleasant to be outside but the roads were a bit slippery as well. I’d say it was a fine run.

Photo of the Day

Indoor arena!

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