Day 794: Everybody Likes Free Stuff

I started a Facebook campaign today for our company. Basically, it’s a massage and physiotherapy practice + some nutrition counselling (weight loss, sports nutrition, food intolerance tests) + some translations. OK, to be honest, we do lots of different things. But so far, we haven’t really sold anything, maybe just the occasional rubber band for therapeutic exercises. This year, I decided to take the leap and try a hand at selling food supplements. I ordered a batch of some from the importer. These are good ones, from Higher Nature and BioCare, UK companies. We only have the stuff in our office, although I am now thinking about opening an e-shop. The thing is that I started a simple advertising campaign on Facebook. The kind of “Like our page, comment on the photo and share the post” thing. The prize? One supplement of one’s choice for free. The campaign has proven itself and got us some new “Likes”. A giveaway? Sure, everyone likes free stuff. Looking back now, I almost wish we already had that store. Could draw even more attention and income towards us. But it’s a start. The campaign can attract some more people to our site. And soon we’ll open the shop and we’ll have all those people waiting for the announcement. Well, I think that giving something away for free, can attract attention and later this could be converted into income. We really need to start selling something. We can’t physically work more, that’s the thing. We need to sell things.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Had quite a fruitful food intolerance test counselling = work. Developed the aforementioned campaign, possible future income. Also, filled in my tax declaration.

2. Write AND publish a book.

In the end, I didn’t get to any creative work. Used my creative powers to write the campaign text and the product descriptions.

3. Win a major race.

Rest week still ongoing, so no running. However, I did go to the gym for some strength training.

Photo of the Day

Didn’t take any photos, so it’s a random one from 5 years back when I volunteered for a cat rescue organisation.

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