Day 796: Life Plan

I have a training plan. Basically, it is responsible for keeping me sane. I know I have to go for a run and I go, no matter what. I don’t skip my runs unless I really need to (when I really run out of time due to poor time management during a lengthy project or when ill). The training plan is my lifeline. I depend on it. Following the plan gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction. This is something that I get done. I reflect on the process weekly when I write a report for my trainer. I also write about my progress daily on this blog. This plan works. Could I also apply the same model to other areas of life?

Why not have a life plan? Why not decide on the annual goals, the bigger milestones? Why not create it in the same way as the training plan: some weeks gradually building up and becoming harder, then followed with an easier rest week to gather energy for the next cycle? Sounds like a great idea. But how to bring it to life? I love drawing up plans on paper, writing it all over the whiteness and then connecting relevant parts with arrows. I don’t really draw, but I do scribble boxes around the important stuff. And I do love mathematical symbols, such as + =

The paper version sounds like the first draft. Where to take the life plan next? I am thinking of Trello where I could easily create lists with subtasks and move complete ones into relevant folders. Even the process of creating the plan sounds oddly exciting. Maybe I do need to do it: map the things I want to create this year and then divide them into smaller milestones that are easily reachable and motivate me to push further. I might not even write out all the details of each step. I could do this on the way. Once each step is complete, I can plan the next one. That sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Let’s get started then!

What tricks do you use? Please share!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Lots of idle time at the office but did get something done as well. In addition to office work, I visited a big store and bought some useful stuff for the office. So… not all the time I spent at the office was spent idle. I was actually moving things around and redecorating. Oh, and I took individual photos of all the vitamins and minerals we are selling. Going to make this into a marketing campaign. Some progress on the horizon…

In the morning, I also read Napoleon Hill’s revolutionary book (written in 1937) Think and Grow Rich and thought a bit about my own thought patterns. Occasionally, the book does get on my nerves (too much like The Secret, possibly its predecessor) but there are a few good points. If I can manage to take on board some of the book’s recommendations, the house should be in reach soon. Got to work in unison with the law of attraction!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Worked on my blog-style book which includes my Asian adventures from 2014. In the afternoon, tried to rewrite another scene of my MA project. So, all in all, worked on 2 separate creative pieces.

3. Win a major race.

The third day of my rest week. No runs planned for the day but did go to a yoga class to do some stretching, some balance and strength exercises.

Photo of the Day

The morning was beautiful.

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