Day 797: What’s the Rush?

Just the day before, it seemed as if spring was about to begin. The snow was melting. Not very pleasant at first because of all that water but still… spring! I love spring. Then came Tuesday, February 12, this day. Woke up in the morning only to find that it had snowed massively at night. I wouldn’t have been that worried if I didn’t have to drive. But I did. We live about 40 km away from work. And Tallinn in general. I have adopted this routine that I drive to the city at the beginning of the week and leave the car there for most days, commuting home by train. The train station is about 350 metres away and the trains take less time than driving by car. Yes, we do need to walk about 15 minutes in our home town but it’s a refreshing walk and definitely beneficial for us.

Well, we went outside and started digging the car out. Again. Overnight, it had been covered with a thick layer of snow. I even got worried that maybe I won’t be able to reverse and get stuck. It did take a while to nudge the car out of its parking spot. Luckily, there was no one on my left side. A bit of reversing, a bit of driving forward and out I was. Out onto the roads! I realised already in our town that it was slippery and the big road was worse. Not only slippery but bumpy. The half-melted snow that had been there before had frozen again and we had bumpy ice, covered with some snow. At some points, the drive to the city was like a vibration therapy with the car shaking. Someone was at my tail for quite a long time. What if I had to brake suddenly? Keep the distance, please!

Before I turned onto the highway (2 lanes in both directions, properly separated by a strip of grass), we already saw that a car had hit another sideways. At that place, I have no idea how that’s even possible. I thought long about how and from where one of them must have been coming but didn’t find the solution. Just a few minutes later when we were on the highway, which has quite clean and snow free tarmac, I saw a car in the ditch. This one must have been in a rush, I thought. And just a few minutes later I saw another one in the ditch, this time on its roof. After having seen that, I drove extremely carefully. Some cars were still speeding past me. This also happens when I drive with the maximum allowed speed (90 km/h in winter). Just before we got into the city, an unmarked police car switched its blue lights on and sped past us. A few minutes later we saw it had stopped another car, possibly someone who was going over the speed limit.

In these icy conditions, it is hard to understand why everyone is in such a rush. Usually, the ones who hurry past me then stand behind the same traffic lights as me once we reach the city. Is this speeding really worth it? What’s the rush? What the hell are they going to do with those extra seconds when they reach their destination? I try and drive carefully. I am a novice driver, I’ve been driving for less than two months. I intend to continue being careful.

To be honest, some parts of the city were the worst. The icy bumps! It felt like nasty vibrarion therapy. Plus, sometimes it was hard to get moving again whed I had stopped at the traffic lights. Wheels going round and round without moving forward. Huh!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Worked a bit and earned some money. Promised to take part in a new and profitable project.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote for two rounds on the Pomodoro timer. It was a bit hard digging inside these memories I am writing about but I am getting there slowly.

3. Win a major race.

First easy training day during my rest week. An easy run outdoors – only 8 km + a strength training at the gym in the evening. I decided that I would dedicate some time on conditioning and gym when I am running less. 3 series, 12-15 reps each, a runner’s training. Mostly worked on the legs + some back and chest exercises. Finished off with Power Plate.

Photo of the Day

A smaller road on the way. Icy bumps!

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