Day 798: Am I Designed for a Daily Job?

After several university degrees, various other trainings and more than 10 years on the labour market (I’m almost 31 years old), I am still not certain whether I was built to have a routine job from 9 to 5. At one point, I was certain that this was not for me. I started working from home and spent most of my day behind the laptop and sometimes didn’t even get out of my nightgown before 1pm. I wasn’t sleeping that long, just didn’t feel the need to get dressed in the morning. This is actually frustrating. I have found that it is best to change your clothes in the morning even when working from the home office. It sets the right mood and you are possibly more productive when wearing proper clothes, not the stuff that you wear to bed. It also helps to comb your hair. On home office days, I might forget this… By grooming yourself, you not only prepare your appearance but also the mind, sending the signal that it’s time for business, time to be productive.

Well, I did spend one year in an office, doing loads of translations and sometimes also surfing the web when I was waiting for the next job. The downside? I was paid per word so every minute that I spent sitting there without a task at hand, I didn’t earn anything. At least now, when I work from my own office where I draw up the schedule I can do something useful with the time when I am not working. I am not saying I am doing it. I am saying, I could. I could go for a run, for instance. That at least I do. After a year in the office, I quit. I quit the office, not the job, and continued translating for the company from home, on my own terms.

I do enjoy the freedom that working on my own means. If you are a competitive runner, it’s bliss when you can run at a time that suits you, not your employer. I work fairly well and discipline myself if I have a specific task at hand, with a deadline and all that. It’s much harder now when I am trying to create something completely new, trying to be a writer. I have so many days when I just do pointless things, search for the Internet for information I don’t really need. I am telling myself that I will soon organise myself. Organise my own projects and set realistic deadlines for them. Possibly, I need to divide them into manageable tasks and get this all on Trello where it’s easy to mark when something’s done. All that freedom… I’m not giving that up. I did apply for a remote job. At least, it would set some kind of borders for me and enhance my non-existent self-discipline.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some accounting for my company. Built bits and pieces of the future. Moved money around. Started learning something new (Udemy course) that can help me build something great and requested a refund for another course I didn’t really benefit from (again, Udemy).

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote a book analysis for a best-selling thriller, Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the TrainI am not posting it to anywhere yet, this is for the future. Didn’t work on anything else.

3. Win a major race.

It’s a rest day on a rest week. I will be running only 3 times this week. Hah, this is not much. This feels almost like doing nothing. On a typical week, I would run 6-9 times. But it’s a deserved rest.

Photo of the Day

Started selling high-quality food supplements in our office. Higher Nature and BioCare vitamins-minerals.

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