Day 799: Is an Unreliable Narrator a Good Idea?

A few days ago, I finished a thriller-bestseller by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the TrainIt had been bothering me for a while already but I was keen to finish just to find out what made it such a bestseller. Let’s be honest, the film was better and I saw that first, before even reading the book. The film had some more drama in it, the book keeps dragging on and on and on… I didn’t feel comfortable snooping around in the heads of those women, especially Rachel’s. The thing with the book is that it is driven by the narrative of an unreliable narrator. The readers are continuously reminded that she is unreliable because she has serious drinking problems and depression. She is not likeable in this book, even despite all the bad things that happen to her. She lacks character, strength, desire. She just wanders around, spends loads of time on the train, spying on other people. I do realise how her being unreliable feeds that story. If she had a good memory, none of this would happen, she wouldn’t be in such a bad place and some other people might have survived. It’s not completely her fault as turns out at the end of the book when she figures out that her ex-husband lied to her about most of the memories. Still… I don’t really care. I guess that an unreliable narrator can work but you would need to care about what happens to her/him, you would need to have at least a tiny bit of sympathy. Only then can you forgive them for being unreliable.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Worked a bit on a bigger project. Not my personal project, but something that increases my income slightly. Also, did try to write down the vision of my perfect day in the morning. This vision saw me working on many projects with joy. Now the vision needs to become the reality.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Started reading a sports biography, written in Estonian. I know now how I would NOT write a biography but I didn’t write anything myself. At least I have some ideas I would love to develop for my future creative writing blog.

3. Win a major race.

Slippery ice, rain, greyness. Honestly, not the best day for running. Of course, I still went! 20 km on the road amidst some traffic. Fortunately, not too many cars driving by. 1/3 of my run was still on slippery roads and in the headwind. Awfully tough. I consoled myself with the fact that a rest week was coming up and finished my run quite successfully.

Photo of the Day

Such a grey day that Miu spent most of it on this chair. Sleeping, obviously.

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