Day 801: The Smelly People – Smokers and Runners

My dear husband went for a run and considered going to the supermarket afterwards to buy some food. You know, something to snack on to prevent starving. We do have some carrots and pumpkin seeds in our office kitchen but they don’t fill anyone for too long. It’s winter, not much sweat is generated anyway during runs. But he still decided against going, afraid that he might smell of sweat and disturb other people. I do go to the store after my runs. I don’t think I smell. Not in winter. I hardly break a sweat on some days.

I don’t know why he made such a big problem out of this. I think smokers are much worse. You can usually tell someone’s a smoker from far off. They DO smell. You can smell them when you walk past. You can smell them when they get undressed for a massage session. The latter is my nightmare. Spending an hour with a smoker is quite suffocating. Sometimes it’s better and they are the kind of people who only smoke outside. They smell less but the hint of cigarettes still lingers in the air. Typically, that scent gets stuck somewhere behind their ears. I don’t go around smelling the backs of other people’s ears but in another life, I lived with an occasional secret smoker who got caught exactly because of that.

I don’t really like smokers. To be precise, I don’t like the stink, the toxic fumes. As long as they do it somewhere far away from me, let them do it. Oh, and as long as they don’t throw the cigarette butts on the ground! These don’t decompose. They are just total rubbish. They belong in the bin. Sorry if someone feels offended, but it seems that sometimes smoking also deletes a person’s ability to read, for instance. I see so many smokers smoking their lungs off in front of shopping centres, inside these circles that say “Non-smoking area”. Please, if you do smoke, lock yourself in a box of some kind so you wouldn’t disturb and poison other people. And please do throw away that horrible cigarette butt.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

All in all, a slow day. I have no idea what I was doing the entire time. Except… well, no idea. Not working, obviously. Oh, I did take photos of beautiful chocolate candies I made the night before, with the intention to sell them as gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Edited the photos and shared them online. In addition, created informative signs for the food supplements I had ordered the day before. We’ll start selling them in our office.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did work a bit on my creative writing pieces and continued reading James N. Frey’s How to Write a Damn Good Novel. Almost finished with this one.

3. Win a major race.

A rest day in the running world, in preparation of the hard one on Saturday. I did go to a yoga class for some stretching and conditioning exercises.

Photo of the Day

These are the chocolates I am making and selling.

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