Day 806: So Easy to Overeat

While following a modified version of the LCHF diet, I have discovered how easy it is for me to overeat in terms of calories. If I didn’t insert all of the food I eat (at least on most days of the week) into the calorie calculator, I would be eating too much. Yes, I am a long-distance runner who obviously burns off lots of energy but that number might not be as high as I anticipate. For instance, I always thought that I was burning more than 3000 kcal every day because my smart and expensive Suunto Ambit 3 GPS running watch (also counts my steps when not running) told me so. I realised at the beginning of January that this all had been a lie. And I always wondered how my husband who is taller and heavier than me could burn off fewer calories… Well, he owns a Toshiba Chromebook, which means that his laptop is fast but cannot perform many basic tasks that we expect from laptops. This means that he uploads his watch data via my laptop. Turns out, our data got mixed up somehow. I certainly do not weigh 72 kg (well, not anymore, used to reach that awful number 5 years ago) and am not 181 cm tall. And I’m not male either. Once I reset the data (female, 175 cm, roughly 62 kg), the daily energy expenditure numbers changed. Turned out my body is not an efficient factory I thought it was. I had to adapt to eating less if I ever wanted to lose weight.

Oh, and the LCHF diet means eating lots of fat. As a nutritionist, I do know that we should not be so afraid of fat but… if you do eat too much of it, even on an LCHF diet, I do believe that the magical fat-burning mechanism shuts down at one point, no matter how few carbohydrates you consume, and you might start storing it again. For instance, this morning, without even really noticing it before I had gulped it all down, I ate more than 1,000 kcal for breakfast. Cheese, whipped double cream with some melted dark chocolate… no wonder, it was so hard to go for that run, I was too full! It does help if you use a dedicated app or an online calorie counter. I love the Estonian version we have because there I can check the count at any time of the day and decide whether I should stop or continue eating.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Sunday? Well, this girl works on Sundays if there’s a deadline approaching. This one is not yet threatening me but I wanted to get most of that translation done before the new week begins. This way, I can focus more on the things I am really interested in once the busy week starts (e.g. my own creative writing).

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing for me but did continue reading and analysing (in my mind) Paula Hawkins’ best-selling thriller The Girl on the Train.

3. Win a major race.

A long run. Torture. The weather was anything but welcoming, my stomach too full of that fatty breakfast and my body tired from the successful indoor arena speedwork the day before. It was an exercise for the body and the mind. An exercise of the will. I did it. Meanwhile, my husband (and 4 other runners from Estonia) participated in the European Champion Clubs Cup, in which they ran 9.73 km on tough cross-country trails. That was a true competition!

Photo of the Day

Once more, I think it is fitting to post a photo of some other runners. Sparta abroad, competing in Portugal. He’s 94.

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