Day 807: Unlucky Travel

My husband left in the morning of February 1 with some other runners to participate in the European Champion Clubs Cup which will take place on February 3 in Faro, Portugal. The funny thing? Last year we spent a week in a training camp in the exact same place and will be going back there this year as well. The trail is then familiar. He had wanted to go to this competition already last year but wasn’t in the best shape then. This year he was chosen.

He was a bit nervous about competing. He sometimes gets this racing anxiety when competing abroad. What did the world offer to him in return? Well, they departed in the morning of February 1 and were supposed to be there a few days early, by Friday evening the latest. The world had other plans though. The first flight went fine and they landed in Frankfurt. The second flight? They took off, they almost landed in Lisbon (only 10 metres from the ground!) and then the wobbly plane took off again, ending up in the wrong country and landing in Malaga instead. The wind was too strong to land. When he called me, they had been sitting inside the plane for ages and didn’t know what was going to happen. What did happen was that they spent the night at a hotel and continue the journey on the next day, which is day 807, February 2. Well… they had an entire day in Torremolinos, he even bought a magnet. We buy magnets from all the cities we visit. And then? Two flights. One to Madrid and the second to Lisbon, from where they continued by car. I just checked the map. From Malaga to Albufeira? Well, 4.5 hours by car. I have no idea what they were doing on these two planes. They would have been there already late Friday evening if they had just taken a car… Bad luck, weird decisions. Hopefully, all goes well for the athletes. If anything, all this mess might have helped him to focus on something other than the race. Everything can still go well. Let’s hope!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t work (Saturday!) but did sell three unnecessary chairs and got some money for them.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I was so devastated when I finally got home after having spent two nights at the office (waving my husband off Friday morning, our office is a 15-minute walk from the airport + sleeping there after the birthday party on Friday and before the important training on Saturday morning) that I didn’t write. I did make some recipe book (cake) plans though. Continued reading Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train.

3. Win a major race.

A truly successful workout at the indoor arena. During warm-up, I wasn’t feeling so good. All that sleeping in the office finally got me. Also, I went to bed after midnight on Friday which is too late. But… 10x400m speedwork went extremely well. The goal was to run them with 1.30 (45 seconds per a 200-metre lap), but I managed all 10 with 1.27-1.29. This translates into 3.38-3.40 min/km pace. I know, I know, some people (including my husband) run 500 metres or more within the same amount of time but it’s a win for me. Getting better every week! There were days when such speed seemed impossible. Now it’s the reality.

Photo of the Day

The last obstacle on my way home. A freight train.

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