Day 808: When You Only Work Once a Week

I don’t work only once a week, I do something every day. But due to our new office layout, I do not meet the customers too often. We have still not built the separating door/wall between the office and the massage room. This means that we can’t have a massage and a nutrition consultation at the same time. Who would want to share their deepest (food-related) desires and health disorders when strangers are listening in? Thus, I have only a few possible times in the calendar that the clients can book. There used to be weeks when I had appointment slots for every day. Usually, this meant that I maybe had one customer one day, another on the second day. Sometimes it could even mean having only one customer per week.

Oh, the trick to attract more customers? It’s not having loads of appointment slots, at least it doesn’t work like this for me. It does for my husband who simply has most of the slots booked. If I want to see lots of people at once, I have to open up just one day and it will fill automatically. How funny is that? If there are five days with slots available, I could get only one customer per week. If it’s just one day, I might have 3-5 customers on that very day. This is exactly what happened on day 808, Friday, February 1. It was a busy day already: I went to a massage myself and attended a cool birthday party (dance class + restaurant + cinema) afterwards.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was indeed a busy day and I earned money on several fronts. A few massages, a food intolerance test consultation, some writing projects.

2. Write AND publish a book.

In all that mess, I didn’t manage to write anything. However, I did continue reading James N. Frey’s How to Write a Damn Good Novel and made some notes. After the party, back in the office where I stayed because it was too late to drive home and I had an early training the next day, I read the best-selling thriller The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins as a bedtime story. I’m not reading it only for entertainment purposes. I am analysing it and will be blogging about it someday on the new website that I have not yet created. I have seen the film already and vaguely remember what happens so it is not as gripping to keep me awake at night.

3. Win a major race.

A rest day in the running world. However, the birthday party I attended started with a dance class. Hip-hop kind of stuff. Not really my music but ended up being quite fun. Some jumps and sweat.

Photo of the Day

Slept at the office with this guy watching over me. It’s a lamp designed by my husband’s young relative.

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