Day 809: When You Just Can’t Get Started

Every writer has had the writer’s block. That awful point, from which it is almost impossible to get going. The words don’t want to come out. They don’t even want to dance around your head. At least I usually hear phrases and sentences in my head. I hear characters talking to me. They do shut up eventually. Sometimes I allow them to talk and write things down, feverishly. This is how great stories are born. They force themselves out. They cannot be unborn. But it’s not always like this. On some days, you just can’t get started. I had such a day.

What should you do then?

I don’t know, depends on how your mind operates. But I could share what I did. When I get stuck with creative writing, I write something that requires less creativity. I translate if I have a project waiting to be completed. I write some other work tasks (eBay content) that do not require too much creativity, that do not require me to invent a whole new world. These are usually non-fiction tasks. Blogging also comes more easily than the “real” writing, the creative writing. Building a world is not easy. It can be daunting. It’s playing god. Thus, it is often better to start with simpler tasks. It could even be an email I have been postponing. It can be anything that gets me writing. First warm-up, then the heavy lifting, i.e. world-building and getting lost in fictional universes.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did just a tiny bit of work. Some of it will bring in money in the future, some is simply necessary, such as accounting and paying your company’s invoices. Accepted a project to be completed next week. And did answer to some questions in an online job interview. Oh, yes, I am applying for a real job where I actually need to do something not just think about doing things all day.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I had a slight writer’s block. Added to my athlete’s profile, wrote some emails, made some notes… all such activities that are writing but not necessarily creative. I managed to get myself into the state, in which I was ready to write. And write I did. About a page or so but it was really tough stuff.

3. Win a major race.

An easy run at noon. Should have done it at home, in Kehra but had to be in the office, waiting for the electrician who eventually didn’t come. Bother. The pavements were awful in Tallinn, all full of snow, impossible to run on. In the evening, went to an indoor group workout. Fun, nice to see other people. We also had two birthday girls. I actually made them some chocolates the previous night. Running drills, 10x100m, hurdle exercises, 5x100m, the usual stuff. I am not fast so speed workouts are crucial for my development. Success.

Photo of the Day

The chocolates that I made for my friends who had birthdays.

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