Day 810: Digging the Car Out

This winter has been particularly snowy. Snow, snow, snow everywhere. Always falling down from the sky. It has made running harder, it has made driving harder. And finally one of my worst fears came true as well. I got completely stuck in the snow with my car. It’s a low car. A tiny Mitsubishi Lancer. Nothing close to a 4×4. Nothing close to a tank that would drive through the snow effortlessly. On a nice Wednesday, January 30, when it was almost 0 degrees outside and some of the snow was melting (but not fast enough!) I tried to park in front of our office. We had returned from the sports club and I had thus given up a better parking spot just in front of the house. Then I could choose between one of the many empty spots that on other days had been full. On other days, there hadn’t been a wall of snow. My husband kicked some of the snow away with his boots before I even attempted turning into that space. Then I turned. Not exactly into the spot he had just cleaned. I got stuck. Horribly stuck. The car didn’t move in any direction, it was stuck in a pile of snow. Not the busiest place but there were some other cars passing. Horrible. In a few moments, I was on my knees on the ground, digging the snow from under the car and throwing it in the other direction. That was desperate. I was scared I would never get out. Tried rocking the car a bit, no effect.

In the end, it was other people who helped us, me out. I am normally not someone to ask for help. Luckily, they offered it. Nice Russians who spoke decent Estonian. Their own car was a big one that would never get stuck. I want one like this. A 4×4, a high car, a tank. They asked if we had a rope so they could pull the car out. Nope. Eventually, all the three people from the other car + my husband pushed and I reversed the car out of that pile. Huh. Didn’t try to park there again. Instead, left the car at the shopping centre parking lot for 3 hours and then drove back to the office. By that time, a better spot had cleared up.

Received an email, saying that clearing up the snow near the office should happen soon and was waiting for approval from the city council. Oh, just get rid of that snow already! The entire place is such a mess.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A rather productive day, working on this and that. Not exactly the things that I am paid for directly, but things that can create future income. I was also writing a blog post for my investing blog which made me think me about my money-related decisions.

2. Write AND publish a book.

My newly adopted daily routine includes a few hours of creative writing. And write I did. Worked on a story about my Asian adventures. Already more than 60 pages completed. Some of the memories are painful to revisit but all in all the story is so unbelievable in some ways that I do want to continue with it. Also, I outlined some of the short stories I want to write for my Tallinners series. This will be so much fun. The day also included reading about how to write a damn good novel and making notes. Thank you, James N. Frey.

3. Win a major race.

With the snow melting, the snow is no longer fluffy. There’s too much of it, it makes running tough. I only had an easy 10K planned, but the snow tried and stopped me on each step. Finally, it was done. What followed, was a yoga class. YogaFunc, to be exact, it’s a more energetic version. Some stretching, some strength exercises (warriors!) and some balance exercises.

Photo of the Day

Commented on Facebook and the company sent me a box full of goodies as a “thank you”. Wonderful! The post I commented on asked people what they always have in their cupboard. I said, chickpeas…

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