Day 814: Sometimes a Hard Workout is All it Takes

Saturday, January 26, day 814 – one of the toughest days of the week in terms of running. Met the others at the indoor arena for some serious speedwork. This time, it was 10×400 metres for me (+ a surprise 200 metres at the end, maximum effort). The distance is the same as for the 5×800 m (4 km), but this one is slightly easier and then again also harder psychologically. 400 metres means only 2 laps at the indoor arena but also more repetitions. Only 10% done after the first repetition? Oh yes. 9 more to go. Oh yes. But somehow it was suddenly all over and I had managed to keep a steady pace around 1:30 per 400 metres (translates into 3.45 min/km or 16 km/h). I proved myself and the trainer that I can do it. I can become faster. I can develop. I have developed, improved. I am on my way to success. Sometimes a hard workout is all it takes to climb out of a hole of low self-esteem and failure and feel successful. Sometimes it helps to start believing again and thus also moving closer to the goal with every day. I did fear that training week as it had lots of tough runs in it, but as it is slowly coming towards the end, I see that I can do it. Onwards!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t actually work but did go to the office. On a Saturday, yes. We finished installing a shelf and thus our office looks better, a better working environment. Paving way for future success.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing either but continued reading Ruby Wax’s Sane New World about the brain and mindfulness techniques. It’s not only the content of the book that I like, but also the way she writes. It’s like meta-reading, I am thinking about the techniques she has employed to engage the reader and keep them reading.

3. Win a major race.

Like I said above, it was a successful training day!

Photo of the Day

Mjauki waiting for her evening game.

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