Day 815: Postponed Rewards

I like to delay my rewards because this keeps me going forward. I always leave the best food on the plate to the last to savour it once everything else has been eaten. When I buy a small snack from the supermarket (not the best habit, I know), I don’t eat it as the first thing. I walk at least a few minutes away from the store and decide that I will start eating it on the second half on my walk home. I sometimes even take one bite and then walk forward for a few hundred metres and then take another bite. I also postpone my breakfast at the latest moment possible. I don’t want to stuff my face as soon as I open my eyes. My body needs time to wake up. I drink water the first thing in the morning, brush my teeth, check my weight, do some invigorating exercises, have my coffee and then start to think about breakfast. I enjoy my slow mornings and savour my breakfast. Obviously, this is a luxury. I don’t have to rush to work. I am my own boss. I do realise that I need to create myself a proper routine if I want to get anything done. Right now, it’s a bit chaotic. Let’s see.

Do you postpone your rewards?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Finished writing an article. Took longer than I had anticipated. Oh, bother. Overall, had a slight motivation and career crisis as I am not sure how actually reach my goals. I know where I would want to go but don’t have a map! Will be writing about this soon.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Polished my Amazon Author Central profile but didn’t write anything else than that article which is not creative writing but a foundation to my reputation as a nutritionist. Writer’s block and all that bullshit.

3. Win a major race.

Just a slow and easy run. My heels hurt a bit from the previous night’s indoor arena (hard surface) workout but overall it turned out to be a great little jog, despite the awful cold! Heart rate 130 bpm!

Photo of the Day

My friend at the home office.

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