Day 816: Amazon Author Central Profile Created

So far, I have written 2 e-books containing loads of healthy recipes. I started off with Christmas foods and then wrote about gradually changing your menu choices with the help of a comprehensive 31-day meal plan. Let’s be honest, I suck at marketing. I can write compelling texts if I put my creative powers into it but I am not the best at selling myself or (obviously) publishing these texts in the right places. My e-books are available via Amazon and so I realised that the least I could do would be creating myself a proper Amazon Author Central profile. It’s like a mini website, which the Amazon buyers can easily access by clicking my name when they browse my books. It includes photos, a short biography, blog feed (this blog), and could also show videos (I don’t have any – should I?). It is supposed to increase my credibility on Amazon and give the readers some more insights into who and what I am. Sounds pretty useful, right?

What is your experience with the Amazon Author Central? 

Any tips on how to improve your profile?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Too much procrastination for one day! This is not productive at all! I did linger at the office and managed to get only a few things done. Like creating the Amazon Author Central profile and writing a few paragraphs for that running magazine article. All these activities could increase my income. But I honestly feel that I am not doing enough. Damn that restless monkey mind!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued writing my article and discovered that I have quite a few books on sports nutrition that I should really be reading more.

3. Win a major race.

I was supposed to have 2 workouts but only did one. I skipped the easy 30-minute run in the morning because I first had to drop off my husband at the indoor arena and then be in the office while a technician connected us to the Internet. The evening workout was quite fine, though. Some speedwork and running drills at the indoor arena. Muscles still sore from that high-intensity workout from 2 days before.

Photo of the Day

A dinner example: chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce (curry paste + tomato puree), fried egg, sauerkraut+chia seeds+olive oil salad.

What do You Think?

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