Day 817: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

I LOVE numbers! I am even somewhat addicted to numbers. I always want to know how long a journey takes or how far a certain place is. I always look at my GPS watch while running, calculating the percentage of remaining distance (1/3 done, 25% to go, each 200 metres equals 1% – these are common thoughts that I have). If I think about it more closely, it seems that I mostly pay attention to numbers related to distance or time. I do weigh myself regularly but do not necessarily like those numbers. Sometimes I also insert my daily menu into nutrition calculators to see how many calories and different macro-nutrients I have consumed on a given day. Oh, and I also check the step count on my watch as well as the daily calorie burn. Not to mention how I am simply addicted to the clock on the wall while giving a massage. In my head, I always divide the given time between different body areas of the client. This depends on what the client requires. If they only want a back massage and I have an hour, I usually do 20 minutes of general back massage, focus 10 minutes on the lower back, and spend 30 minutes on the upper back, neck, and shoulders.

This number addiction demonstrates my need for control, I believe. Numbers motivate me to push forward. When I have a long and tough run ahead, I start creating milestones for myself. I will run until I get to the 45-minute mark, to the 10K mark, 1 hour, 15 K, and so on… Running is often an exercise in mental math for me. Achieving small goals keeps me going because it gives at least some satisfaction. This blog also celebrates the small wins. Each bigger goals consists of smaller steps and every day counts. You have to make every day count if you want to get anywhere.

What is your relationship with numbers? Do they motivate you or wear you down?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Started writing an article for an Estonian running magazine. It will bring some money but also increase my credibility as a sports nutrition specialist. If I want to start offering nutrition-related e-courses in the future, this will build my reputation. What? E-courses? I actually even started building one but then ran out of time (university started again). The idea hasn’t left me yet. Moreover, as a result of sending out the newsletter, people suddenly started booking appointments. They won’t be coming to me but to my husband. However, if we want a house, his work is as important as my earnings. Especially due to the fact that we have a family business.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Sent out a newsletter and published a blog post on our company website. This required some creativity and helped to sharpen my pencil, so to say. Continued honing my writing skills in the afternoon when I worked on the article.

3. Win a major race.

The weather was much warmer but the roads not so great for running. It was windy as well. However, the 20K run went quite fine. Afterwards, did some strength training. Feeling strong!

Photo of the Day

Mjauki chilling on our bed.

What do You Think?

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