Day 818: How to Drive Your Car in the Middle of Winter

Laugh all you like but this was the reality on January 22! In the morning, the temperature was -23 degrees. Ew! I had to put on my extremely large and thick pink gloves that make my hands look like those of the Michelin Man.

Step 1: Identify the location of your car. Which heap of snow could be simply snow and which one could contain your car? Remember where you parked a week ago when you last drove your car?

Step 2: Start digging. Get a shovel and dig your car out from the snow. Do not throw the snow in front of your car, you will want to be able to drive out later. If you don’t have a proper shovel, the small one you use for cat litter or the dustpan will do as well.

Step 3: Try to open the doors. If they are stuck, try again. This is essential because you will want to get inside the car at one point. Otherwise, you will freeze outside. If the doors don’t open, scrape some of that ice off.

Step 4: Start the car to warm it up. If it doesn’t work, do it until the car starts. Could take 10 minutes. Do not despair! It might still start! Turn on the rear window heating and put the A/C onto the warmest setting.

Step 5: Scrape the ice off the windows to see outside. Tear the wipers off the glass if they are frozen. Scrape some more.

Step 6: Try to drive off. If stuck in the snow, let someone give you a push.

Step 7: Drive for about 300 metres, realise that you actually don’t see a thing through the icy window and pull over. Let the passenger out and have him scrape the ice off properly. Off you go!

Step 8: If you happen to be nearby a shopping centre, park in the parking garage and leave it there for as long as the free parking applies. I left the car indoors for 3 hours and all of the ice and snow melted. There wasn’t a parking space in front of our office anyway. Later, I had to drive out to the office and leave it there for another 3 hours. The windows froze. A layer of ice was even inside the car and it took a while before we could drive off.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Started writing some of those blog posts that I have been postponing. As a future writer, I guess it is important to update all of my blogs. Also updated my social media feed on several channels.

Bought a towel warmer for our business. A tiny step towards being more professional. It’s a massage and physiotherapy business, mind you.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote a massive blog post for my investor blog (in Estonian). A crucial part of earning money from my writing. Moreover, it helped me to clear my mind about some writing/translation issues I have been thinking about.

3. Win a major race.

A rather decent easy 10K run. Lots and lots of clothes layered up to keep warm but it wasn’t that bad because the sun was shining. In the evening, went to the sports club for a high-intensity interval workout. Push-ups, jumps, planks, exercises that make you sweat. 40 seconds per exercise, 20 seconds per rest. I haven’t been to this one for ages and I was surprised that it wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Must have got stronger, I suppose?

Photo of the Day

Just behind our house. Around 10am when we were digging out the car.

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