Day 821: Greenwich Park

We first visited Greenwich Park in August 2017 when we went to the UK for my husband’s birthday AND the Reading Festival because my favourite band Muse performed there. It was a short trip and we visited London on the very last day after we had already been to Reading and Brighton. Before spending an evening with great views from the London Eye, we took the tube and DLR to Greenwich Park. I have been to London many times and can’t even count all of them. I do know that my first visit was in February 2012 when I studied at Bath Spa University but have lost track since then. Every time I go back, I try and find new corners of that amazing city to discover. Before the trip, I must have checked the map of London and realised that I had never been to the prime meridian and the surrounding park. I like parks. Spacious, full of running opportunities, quiet enough for a walk, no car traffic. So we went.

You could arrive by train (Thameslink and Southeastern services) or the DLR. The closest stations are Maze Hill, Cutty Sark, and Greenwich. The park itself is slightly challenging with some hills. I didn’t realise it back in 2017 but did find out on day 821 when we visited the park for the second time, this time for the Run Through UK race. I wasn’t feeling too well and thus opted for the 5K race, while my husband ran the 10K. I only had to run 1.5 laps in the park, while he needed 3. I only had to conquer that damn hill once, he did it 3 times. Oh my. Later, when we analysed the data on the computer, it appeared that the ascent was something around 700-800 metres long. No wonder, it killed my pace. But… hills are not only bad. Don’t get me wrong, as long as I am not running up them, they are wonderful! Once you get up there, you are almost always awarded with a view. The view of London from some distance. From a relatively quiet place that is a community in itself.

Obviously, in Greenwich, you can visit the Royal Observatory and see the prime meridian up close. The line between the Eastern and Western hemisphere. Point zero. We didn’t go inside but stood on a strip of the line just outside by the wall. You need to pay to get inside. Instead, I’d recommend the National Maritime Museum just next to the park entrance, down the hill. Free entry there. If you go a bit closer to the River Thames, you will see the huge boat, Cutty Sark. Look at it from the outside or pay to get on board. Just next to the boat, you can find the Greenwich Foot Tunnel which will take you to the other side, into a completely different world on the Isle of Dogs, one of my new favourite places to go in London, where you can discover urban nature in the Mudchute Park or gaze at the beautiful water and skyscrapers around the Canary Wharf commercial estate.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A long day wandering around London. Making and collecting memories as well as motivation for the future. Got a new business/book idea (another one???) which could be successful. If only I can go with it and not give up too soon.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued reading Ruby Wax’s book Sane New World that talks about how the brain works and how to tame your own mind (mindfulness techniques). An interesting, witty, and easy enough to understand approach to neuroscience. Did make me think about the brain more. For instance, did you know that negative experiences are remembered better than the good ones? Why so? It’s all about survival. The negative experiences are put into a place where they can be reached easily. This warns you and lets you stay alive. If you were to forget about the negative things (i.e. that a hot stove burns), you would repeat the same mistakes all over again.

3. Win a major race.

Well, there was a race. It wasn’t major and I didn’t win. Not even a PB. That damn hill ruined it all. I was the 2nd woman, which is fine. But I do not want to talk about the result. I want to forget these numbers but of course… they are stuck in the place where they are easy to reach, reminding me of that hard run.

Photo of the Day

The photo is from 2017 but it does show the view. Greenwich Park.

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