Day 822: We are Affected by the Snow

Anytime people (in the UK) freak out about snow and feel helpless, I secretly laugh. I am from Estonia, we are accustomed to the cold. We are not afraid. We have winter tyres on our cars (compulsory from December 1). We dress in layers. We jump into the snow or icy water straight from the sauna. We are, oh, so prepared! But in reality, there is no escape for us either. The roads become slippery, the cars get stuck in the snow, there is sometimes no visibility whatsoever. Day 822, Friday was our flight day. Tallinn to London. A short trip, just to run a race on a snow free surface (my husband wanted to test his shape because he has an important race in Portugal in 2 weeks time). The flight was delayed 1 hour. We just sat on the plane while they de-iced the wings twice and an army of snowploughs cleaned the runway. Twice. We finally managed to take off when the snow stopped for a few minutes. As usual, the weather above the clouds was sunny. There is no escape, not even when you have adapted to the cold.

Fun fact: When we left the UK in December, I was wearing a hat and gloves. It was colder in Estonia but I pretty much continued to wear the same clothes (not while running though). When we arrived in London, it felt warm and I didn’t need the hat that much. I had got used to Estonian weather and could now wear less clothes than in December when the temperature was in fact the same.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Productive time on the plane: made some future plans on how to shape my career and turn my wtiting passion into an income.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Reading is always good. Spent time with Ruby Wax’s Sane New World, a book about the brain. Guess, why the negative experiences haunt us. They are stored in an easy-to-access place so we would be warned about the danger and could escape. Compiled some writing plans too.

3. Win a major race.

Rest day before the race. Did walk at the airports and in London.

Photo of the Day

Airport sbowploughs parading.

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