Day 826: Cat Logic

How do cats make their decisions? During my almost 20 years as a cat owner, I have discovered they follow a curious cat logic or no logic at all. That’s what I love about cats. That’s what makes them interesting. That’s why they become famous on Youtube.

Let me give you an example of our typical bedtime routine. Once the lights go out and us, humans, have assumed a “safe” (lying down) position, our shy cat Mjauki jumps onto the bed, places herself on my belly and starts her purring engine. At daytime, she sometimes flees when she sees us standing. She cannot maintain eye contact, it scares her. When we sit on the sofa, watching TV, we are considered safe enough to sit next to us. Never on our laps.

Then there’s Miu, our courageous cat who occasionally runs around like crazy and hasn’t realised that she’s almost 10 years old. She likes to sleep at the foot of the bed which is closer to the bedroom door than the head part. Does she enter the bed in the most economic way, using shortcuts? No. She walks to my nightstand, jumps onto it, then almost walks over my face, crosses my body and places herself at my husband’s feet. The easiest way would be just to jump onto the bed from its foot area. The bed is not high. She has no trouble with jumpong. But she prefers to walk all over me, as if reminding me of her existence and maybe giving Mjauki an angry look on the way. That’s cats.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A very short massage but that’s work too!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read articles for my contextualising essay that needs to accompany my creative work. Lots and lots of difficult texts about time physics and time travel fiction. But it did make me think more about my writing and helped to put it into context.

3. Win a major race.

An easy run. Just a bridge between longer and tougher workouts.

Photo of the Day

Here’s to cats!

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